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Malala's latest human rights prize earns praise back home

Thursday, Oct 10, 2013 - 01:20

Oct. 10 - Pakistanis in the restive Swat Valley call Malala Yousafzai and her newly awarded European Union Human Rights prize a symbol of pride. Nathan Frandino reports.

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From the United Nations to television talk shows everywhere Malala Yousafzai goes, applause follows. The Pakistani teen education activist has won the hearts of millions across the globe and shows no signs of slowing down. Now she can add the European Union's Sakharov Prize to her growing list of human rights accolades. Back home in the Swat Valley where she survived an assassination attempt by the Taliban last year, Ahmed Shah, spokesman for the Swat National Peace Council, says she deserves every bit of recognition. (SOUNDBITE) (Urdu) SPOKESMAN FOR SWAT NATIONAL PEACE COUNCIL, AHMED SHAH, SAYING: "Malala has been struggling for the past four, five years, raising her voice against militancy. Her efforts for peace and for education are paying off today, and the whole world has recognised her struggle." Schoolgirls are celebrating the win as another victory in their struggle for education. (SOUNDBITE) (Urdu) LOCAL SCHOOL GIRL, SAADIA SHAH, SAYING: "She is an extremely intelligent and brave girl. I want to be like her. Malala spread education in Swat. She did a lot of work for the education of girls." Malala's growing profile has continued to attract the Taliban's attention and more death threats. The activist says she's not afraid and will continue her mission, an attitude that has earned her a Nobel Peace Prize nomination.

Malala's latest human rights prize earns praise back home

Thursday, Oct 10, 2013 - 01:20

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