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Just in case… 5 ways to hedge a U.S. default

Friday, Oct 11, 2013 - 02:10

Oct. 11 - U.S. default fears may be easing, but a deal is far from certain. Just in case, Reuters canvassed expert opinion for some options on safe havens.

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The US isn't going to default right. Then again it just might and the very possibility has him best -- -- house protect themselves. What is -- expert opinion possible options no surprise to find old it's in a lot of mentions. The precious metal is a traditional haven and this time may be no different. But what crisis nearly 30% off that went to twelve applies -- also looks relatively cheap. Natixis head of commodities research that. Brown he and certain scenarios we could easily see prices moving up to around 1700. Next year. Issues in the US and not the only thing that could support gold prices but you've got the possibility of -- fiscal crises in places like Japan. Born in force Tuesday could be another place. The vick's volatility index is already close to its highs for the year on the -- forced to default. The real thing would be guaranteed some big gains. More -- -- -- one side by vick's future is as a result. So -- has its own ethics turmoil saying -- options in the Mexican peso -- presented right now to benefit from volatility then -- could be another haven. -- steer clear of short term US patent. He bill's chief between now and -- to embassy and at most risk. But many investors -- betting -- took from phone home today to bones. That from best performing the -- economies such as Japan Germany and Switzerland also a popular choice. Default will be guaranteed since -- -- -- especially with global indexes close to report finds. That means put options could reap handsome rewards. But there's a big caveat here. If default doesn't happen a relief Friday to at least a partial smoking painfully exposed. For small investors that leaves the simplistic -- options. Cash. Fund managers say investors are already heavy cash with allocations to -- triple there was three months ago. Of course none of this is going to be necessary because a default is unthinkable. Then again that's what they said about the collapse of the Brothers too. Cute it's -- -- Reuters.

Just in case… 5 ways to hedge a U.S. default

Friday, Oct 11, 2013 - 02:10

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