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In the Boardroom: Burberry's loss is Apple's gain

Tuesday, Oct 15, 2013 - 04:17

Oct. 15 - Losing CEO Angela Ahrendts to Apple is a blow to Burberry, the FTSE and to London, says board director and corporate governance expert Lucy Marcus.

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The end of an era -- but I agree the beginning of a new one -- hope but apple and Florence is leaving a CEO of a -- for a new job as head of Apple's retail. An online stores joining me. Via Skype is -- -- -- that and see -- what's the most surprising to you that that -- arms is is leaving both real guns lapels. Should the most surprising thing to me was when I heard and I thought that makes sense that's actually had a good idea. And and and I was a bit surprised at how. Relax -- was about it what what does she bring to the table. She's been terrific for burger and it went in Houston -- real turnaround there. And she's been great CEO she's really turned around the brand she's turned from Brandon was struggling quite a lot. And that and the brand image was struggling a lot into it fairly slick sleek. Well recognized well regarded grand -- She's been great for burglary and I think what she'll bring to apple. It's that terrific branding sense. The -- estimated it tells you something about what apple is thinking about doing their -- Yes I travel what it wants you that what what does that tell us about the direction direction apple wants to go. Under the -- we can no longer look at these companies isn't today that's -- tech company that's a car company that's yeah that clothing company. It's it's hard to categorize these anymore and and when you think about apple it's more good design company in some ways it. It actually is much more about our retail consumer facing company. And so what she brings to that job acts silly it is. What she's done for burger and it tells you that they are. Continuing to push hard on moving forward in a sleek look. A retail focus. They wanna so. What they've got and you know what you think of them as a design company now and yet they want to reinforce. Exactly what I. Let me get -- -- are you saying that. She doesn't actually need to know anything about tech. Well I think it's hard not to listen to that -- and I think she needs she needs to know Lou well apple works and and and of course. -- -- have to understand the operations of the company in the engineering side Morton -- inside the best person there. Different than actually. I think guts of of of -- you know you need to understand how to work with that the people who are making the product and what they can do with the product in the future plans for the product. But then her job is is actually the forward facing consumer facing side of things insists she's got to know how to sell there stuff. And and I think it's she'll be very good and -- she's she's not going in as a senior vice president. How many senior women does apple employee. -- lot actually and that's something that will be very good for apple as well they do not have enough women in their senior team. And and she's a great woman that she's well recognized she's well respected around the world she she's one of the very few. -- up until that puts the CEOs and she brings with her certain gravitas and respect from -- investors as well. She's worked very well for burglary on that side of things actually it's a real loss for. For the footsie and tour. For the world that CEOs. But it's a big gains for apple and of course the -- loses its highest paid CIA now. That's right that's right she was the highest it puts you see you know and there was some grumbling about that. Adam not because she's a woman but just because her pay package but she did perform. For burglary and it's and you can't fault -- for for doing good job. Cerrato who I can only imagine the pay -- that she's left forward to going to apple. But you know she takes -- renewed it challenge and she takes away some of the burdens of being see you having to address investors. And -- -- and all of that stuff as far as I know that not added her as an executive member of the court. OK Lindsay that's great news Marcus board director and exploding corporate governance. That's it for me I'm actually throw for this is Royces.

In the Boardroom: Burberry's loss is Apple's gain

Tuesday, Oct 15, 2013 - 04:17

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