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Buffett cold on bonds, lukewarm on tech

Tuesday, Oct 22, 2013 - 01:35

Warren Buffett sees no reason to own long-term Treasury bonds, and admits that while he ''loves'' technology he is not ready to commit to tech stocks.

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We have seen interest rates ticked down a little bit from where they were after this summer. Despite that there are some say that the great three decade -- market and bonds is winding down. I think right well I don't know but the timing of it. It does not since I view -- -- the long -- bonds period. Let me ask you another question this time on stocks. Your big fan reverence and of course Adam railroad well yeah one in particular yeah. -- little ones that has epic I think. They're all fun right -- and lets think what they do they move stuff all over the place I really revolutionize things. So -- might argue there are tech companies moving stopped all over the place but its contents it's not -- cargo its contents. Are you doing your investors that disservice by not. Heavily investing in technology especially these companies are what railroads over a century ago. Yeah out of the differences I understand the economic -- and which ones will be around fifty years from now with a tech companies. -- in -- that will be enormously important -- but what allows me to do now that I don't with a wonderfully. But the winners and -- and I -- invest in a big guy and let. There are people who know so much more about that -- I can't win at all that that is when the game by play and there's all kinds of games -- -- -- well so I practices to understand.

Buffett cold on bonds, lukewarm on tech

Tuesday, Oct 22, 2013 - 01:35

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