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UK should remain in EU on “reformed basis” - Osborne

Monday, Oct 21, 2013 - 02:06

Oct. 22 - UK finance minister George Osborne wants Britain to remain in the EU but only on a reformed basis, as the continent is in danger of pricing itself out of the world economy.

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How long Europe then. I won't bring this to remain in the European Union but it has to be on the opponent on the different basis has been on the basis of a reformed relationship. And it reformed Europe because this continent of which -- -- is in danger pricing itself out of the world economy. -- and seemed to Britain is not a member of the in the uterus changed the nature of the European Union -- that and it needs to that needs to be reflected we see it with calling by the way in financial regulation. That affects the city of London. And and yet says sometimes Britain's essentially interest in this space song on overlooked so you. I think that the proposal that the prime is as set out -- to seek a renegotiation. To put that to the British people referendum is the correct and courageous -- to. To resolve this issue which now has been a running -- British politics and then there's society for very long time. And ultimately it is again about -- country's future it's easy to say is due to difficult but. But again now we -- it says see more more regulation from. Whatever comes from the in this case Brussels making it more competitive people do business that makes it more difficult for people have jobs that makes it. Less attractive place for people to build their careers and you know I don't wanna be on -- country and I think we can do something to change it. Actually encouraging things he's seen as a European council it's this week. We're encouraging things is that coming from different perspectives other European countries are waking up to the compacts it. Europe faces that may not wish all of that stuff to to say you know we're not sure about this at a place in. The Germans have made it very live and they want it cool to us about. The -- reforms we would want to see. And and the prime minister's pushing work on deregulation for small businesses across here which is on the agenda as a result. This -- say. And I again -- be very defeat to use the same color of change your it. You know that's not the and again the kind of government all of us that they.

UK should remain in EU on “reformed basis” - Osborne

Monday, Oct 21, 2013 - 02:06

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