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Breakingviews: Credit Suisse shoved into more restructuring

Thursday, Oct 24, 2013 - 04:18

Oct. 24 - The Swiss bank's Q3 was marred by a bigger fall in fixed income than most U.S. peers. Achieving decent returns from lower risk is a struggle. But reducing pay faster would help, says Breakingviews

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I'm breaking news and it's back to the banks today credits we shoved into another restructuring. Sank to invest capital had a looks like it's starting to some signs. Robert Cole is -- -- -- -- and it's and joins me I'm its attitude to banking Stiller yeah we're in very different ones and a very different sites that trading some of the Credit -- wasn't a surprise. As well. -- -- that's about to what we've seen coming out of out of the studies but I think we kind of told you know it'd be there and thereabouts strong little bit. Will us and that's doesn't oppose it really. And and at least it -- which is it a good thing and I had an action attacking and that's what we're an Internet. That's signifying the rates business sense to get returns backdrop makes him on the right is that sadly means of job losses of that so that's that's well. That's not right but -- you know whenever there's a problem but I think it. It it it detonate the -- well food company or bank involved say -- it and do something about it in. Yes it is it is it is a good move but I think there is a broader question. Broader issue which is them. It then it is that every seismic shift guy alone in terms of the regulation of banks and the kind of capital. But -- a obliged to Tahoe was so that would be some coaches yesterday and I think what was -- The criticism is an example of a bank which is if you're not taking months that followed the rules of taking one step back. And I was it reinvents itself it finds more mole -- difficult as it has to do and so. It's not just one sort of a stat to have two tickets into the the new. Land of of promise but you know o'clock lots of to -- dot and so this would it would totally it's a restructuring -- recorded that but -- this is not kind of rude and -- -- the stuff this is. Yes Saddam and I don't really reducing pay for that would help it. Well -- candy you know to. A -- a little bit more. -- on the things growing bankers escapade sigma has cut it's you know had failed to sort of wake up as well I can and not. Statement that bonuses and his -- off. That is as old rocks and that they need they need to be. Give them a twelfth please be -- -- -- the country according to the kind of businesses big and little. Activists are sent -- I mean imagine the the best quality review. Should be problem for them it seems -- Let's -- terrific guy and kind of figure out some measures anyway and a lot of heavy lifting -- provisions absolutely but also who moderates a lot of stories -- spying is getting caught -- in it. Spartans and it Jeremy -- in China -- -- -- grant you an added benefit. We exaggerate to -- but saddened. That they are a lot about the story most of -- is yes -- time that has spent some Tsongas sort itself out. This can't be drawing some benefits. From the EU. Spanish economy resurgence well. It's backed him on the Walter anyway that we go to -- banks -- -- -- and I'm content. Similarly drawing some benefit not. The question -- -- misses you two Latin American operations. I'm with a Brazil month and drive it in in future. And speaking to another kind of much broader issue -- thing that we can think there is that little. Flip back from the excitement about emerging markets which was when you're driving buttons on the basics is so months ago. Now it sort of DN develop markets Europe North America perhaps animal -- ones well and -- difference times stories that but. As that well breaking views and the thing about. -- get Robert many things about Robert -- I'm from Georgia to setting his sights sports are US -- be shark comes on everyday atrocities -- seventeen that'd be ST I'm -- problems.

Breakingviews: Credit Suisse shoved into more restructuring

Thursday, Oct 24, 2013 - 04:18

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