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Wanted: ECB bank supervisors (and lots of them!)

Thursday, Oct 24, 2013 - 02:41

Oct. 24 - The ECB has just over a year left to set up its new banking watchdog based in Frankfurt. The bank needs to hire more than 700 experts to fill those jobs - no mean feat, as Eva Taylor reports

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-- it's 1000 -- for the new European banking watchdog different facts. It's about five kids for the European Central Bank -- behind me. To set up. And now the ECB has about half the time to set up this new European institution the single supervisory mechanism -- colts. And it has about twelve months -- since I have the people it needs to run the show and it needs. -- the London double Decker buses full of supervisors. Some of them have already stopped -- This accident. But -- to be in an apparent this year and I'm very ping on the development of the supervisor many. Including on the common for -- there's an accident -- scenes. Some of them the next -- the European Central Bank will be this old supervisor off the eurozone is not just banks. And this a spot in the big project the banking union. They hope that by centralizing the oversight to spot risks Leon and needs to get a better idea about emerging trends across the currency bloc. And the Amos to -- -- to another. Financial crisis. It's such a prestigious projects. Some so attractive to me being part of also group leaving and possibly. Paving the way for the future world PCP. This was a big motivation for me. Another argument to join the ECB could be -- Being an international institutions. ECB employees are exempt from Paine national Texas there. They do still have to pay European Texas but these could be significantly lower than the ones that have to pay a -- ECB also office child can escorting benefits. Support programs to spouses and families and language courses but then on the other hand the job will be based in francs thanks. Just -- by everyone considered to be the most attractive city to live and and lacks the child the -- European capitals like -- and. I used to -- possibly to the coliseum so -- that you you can hardly find that the same spots here in front that's should be set. Other symptoms such it to appreciate at all. Or different pitches to see. I think it's easier if you want to raise children and family. To get as many as possible to apply for the vacancy is the European Central Bank land on -- -- this some and they visited the national supervisors across the heroes and feedback was good at hiring has stopped it for the top management positions. And many said they'd apply for the for the vacancies once they come out over the next couple of months. When he national supervisors across Europe to fill the gaps left behind us -- -- I just.

Wanted: ECB bank supervisors (and lots of them!)

Thursday, Oct 24, 2013 - 02:41

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