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Breakingviews: Window on Microsoft

Friday, Oct 25, 2013 - 02:23

Oct 25 - Rob Cox and Rob Cyran discuss the tale of two companies that emerges from Microsoft's latest quarterly results.

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So Microsoft is up about seven or 8% this morning they had some pretty good results. Rob -- you said that these results show exactly what the new CEO needs to do. Yet there's Tel two companies had the enterprise company. That's the sales to sales to corporate users. This is like stuff like that thing you've got it right there and it costs behind yeah office software all accounts and the profits and that went up nice and sharply in that it fails. And if you look at the conservatives and so the props and Altria to conserve this were to ounces Xbox -- is being that his words at all. If they all get it all their older attempts like surface tablets are all the hardware existed really portly right. And we've argued before it makes sense for the company country what does that went back spotted they've spent years -- years -- these markets that they've just wasted at least a giant and its allocation of capital subsidized by the office exact -- take all their profits than in Anthony's they give a lot -- -- shareholders are nice but then he's part of it in these. -- -- -- And what could be better is if the company just said trying to break into these parts for yours yours yours just simple lines of code to with a game that's -- databases -- all right so words sell windows to corporations. The problem is of course is that like something that seemed willing to do any of this well I mean even in me this is the that the point you made when. Palmer Steve bomber who's supposed to be leading by the end of this year went out he said he's leaving the that in the interim goes out buys. The Nokia cellphone that's exactly and the board okayed it you know support with with -- -- on and -- its course can be part of the -- six this success right search team. They made their kind of waited the idea of Microsoft everywhere. The problem courses being as bombers can be on the board as well so you can have two people who were you know legendary in the company. And they both seem they've both constructed an edifice. That that they're going to be very reluctant to get a -- out new guy. To compete I guess I and inject it into it and chair part we've built green we're gonna are in the -- It's not right right right on the promise that that these results clearly show that's what Microsoft. Probably it because -- right right OK thanks rob. Will be back more breaking news next week.

Breakingviews: Window on Microsoft

Friday, Oct 25, 2013 - 02:23

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