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Arian Foster = BlackBerry?

Friday, Oct 25, 2013 - 03:16

NFL star Arian Foster, who’s being offered up in an IPO, would be the equivalent of BlackBerry if he were a stock, says an NYU sports business professor.

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As an NFL running back. -- Foster is a blue chip -- only scored twice this year for the Houston Texans but if you what are those thinking of a three time Pro -- as an investment. Well he's not exactly hot here. Yes NYC sports management professor Bob Bullock who played football at Columbia and worked as a sports agent. If Foster were -- -- what company would he -- he comes very close to being Blackberry or Palm Pilot a technology that's already -- to some degree. And may have seen its better days in the past exactly that comparisons you want to Foster IPO works like this. -- to open an account startup bank and brokerage services. That's only place where it'll be treated in a few weeks tactics will begin taking reservations -- -- ten dollar tracking stock. That reflect the performance of foster's plan Foster gets to pocket the ten million dollars raised. In exchange for a 20% cut of the future income related to football and his brand. Such as salary and endorsements he's from year to about five year contract that pays up to 23 point five million dollars. He needs one more multi year deal to make eye peeled off for investors. There are few things in foster's way. He's 27. Running backs take a lot of pounding so they have shortened careers the top ten backs. Hung up their cleats -- the average age of 32. Running backs are particularly prone to injury. And Foster was an irregular heartbeat. Has had knee surgery and hamstring and back problems which are outlined in the 37 pages of risk factors in the prospectus. Last weekend this -- again and got pulled out of the game in the first half the problem. I think any football player particularly a running back whose career can end on one Kerry or even one misstep may be without contact on the field. That takes away their edge and their and their speed the part of the problem is it's very hard to guess what what they can come back from in terms of injuries and whether they come back with the edge they once did he. Shows signs of peaking. -- averaging less yards per carry. He has fallen steadily from four point nine yards in 2010 to as low as four point one and so yards per game at that pace -- forecast. You'll end up around twentieth on the career list for rushing now occupied by 49ers are Ricky Watters a great feet. But possibly not great enough to have major endorsements like Peyton Manning or Tom Brady or even get him another long term contract. Support that -- it's -- projected that very few of the players were he finished around one people on it becomes significant broadcasters and worse. Usually get a -- -- he gets the putter going the whole team and there -- forty -- in broadcasting hall of shame that -- next giant Tiki Barber. Who gunned down by an easy. And running backs -- let's glorify than quarterbacks. Football's become more of an aerial game. QBs earn more because -- longer career. So if you have to make of that wait for a quarterback -- a future hall of famers fortieth championship ring or two but wait. What about Eli. Even giants fall.

Arian Foster = BlackBerry?

Friday, Oct 25, 2013 - 03:16

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