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Inquiry over baby in car trunk

Tuesday, Oct 29, 2013 - 00:58

Oct. 29 - French authorities investigate after a baby is found living in squalor in the trunk of a car. Paul Chapman reports.

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French authorities say the baby found in the boot of this car had been living there for more than a year. The child, between 15 and 24 months old, was discovered by a garage owner working on the car in the village of Terrasson who was alerted by a noise. (SOUNDBITE)(French) DENIS LATOUR, GARAGE OWNER WHO FOUND CAR, SAYING: "She was completely naked. On this side there was a crib. The smell was unbearable. The little girl was lying on a garbage bag at the bottom of the boot of the car." Prosecutors who've spoken to the girl's parents say her father denies knowing she existed. Neighbours are equally puzzled. (SOUNDBITE)(French) FREDERICK, NEIGHBOUR, SAYING: "I've never seen this lady pregnant. I've never seen a crib or a baby or anything like that. The only children I knew were her two little boys and her four-year-old girl who we often saw outside." The toddler's been taken to hospital for treatment. Her parents are reported to have been charged with child abuse and neglect and face jail terms up to 10 years.

Inquiry over baby in car trunk

Tuesday, Oct 29, 2013 - 00:58

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