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Bitcoins made simple: Go to an ATM

Thursday, Oct 31, 2013 - 02:05

Start-up firm Robocoin launched the world’s first bitcoin ATM in a Vancouver coffee shop this week. Reuters correspondent Julie Gordon spoke with their CEO about how the new kiosk makes buying and selling the digital currency easier.

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Limited for information. This point is doing a month. -- is centralized digital. Similar somebody smoking gold we had a back problem points. Old's first. I directional an eight point ATMs and that means that. His way this whole body felt that point. Right now current processes and actually acquiring more solid point some movement to. And -- do online exchange. -- about politics at Stanford both of those processes take quite some time dates back. Are you actually think aren't listening -- these. He also mentioned that you if it happens in the comedy. -- tracks or your motions until you know. All of these things are you know -- substantial barriers and consumers actually go behind the for us it's his office machines and skin and hands. It -- cash and bonds. It's a two minute process. Or any online exchanges. To news report Victorian. Sending money or any other us and we'll takes time. This life is. Once we can learn much about compliance -- -- -- you know the company's roundup. You can't fully hear this news. The United States. What that means that we. But operators the vulnerabilities actually fully understand the customer while simultaneously here's the ball into money wandering -- President got a bit. -- -- going up at least a 1000%. There's nothing in the reserves who will be all over by the end -- -- -- deal. So yeah.

Bitcoins made simple: Go to an ATM

Thursday, Oct 31, 2013 - 02:05

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