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Breakingviews: Ranking Big Oil

Friday, Nov 01, 2013 - 03:23

Nov 1 - Antony Currie and Christopher Swann drill into the quarterly results of the major players in black gold – and explain why Conoco and Chevron are the standouts, for very different reasons.

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So big goals becoming analysts results this week it may not cheap -- -- -- Christie panicking at all of them including a couple from abroad as well. It seems to me go to a couple of -- -- -- favors the ones at least stand up for not being as bad as it was like this that say today eagle -- on. Missed estimates results down last year we think it's not as bad story is maybe some of the other ones you can -- this week what's going on. Several well. The problem with -- is in the midst of that's huge capital spending program spending king's ransom about 27 sentinel last night. On -- particularly on the massive projects in Australia and investors -- really going to see much of the benefit until about 27 team which now. About the long time technical and -- is that you -- invest is being being McCain's way -- but they they find this in the past the right medicine -- gonna spend a lot of money. And yet it still was testament is that discuss -- just this a little missile was bigness in what -- what drove this they the production -- slightly behind estimates now we have so many projects -- the world it's rather difficult opponent but count on every single quartet. If they keep mixing obviously people again to start again why aren't they don't Petrobras situation -- notorious for mixing -- -- -- constant basis. But it Daniels to mr. Sweden next summit is that some excess and I think. -- -- -- -- -- -- That we -- us to miss this court which is mighty excuse for at least it would help to you you'll think they Chevron's a good play because the capital spending should slate through. Into decent profits that take. It will take to 2007 -- for old country but he should show up bits and now at least that's what their own track team doubles to have double the -- -- them back some which is then Maine and -- rifle. And that in addition to which some more -- is going to be whale and -- is going to be. Domestic American gas which by the prices pretty -- it's natural that the policy and domestic American -- if not a profitable thing prices and the Internet analyst and a a decade still. At basically America is a wash with natural gas -- at parties and us let's look at the once you read about yes and he picked out one that he sold his. It's doing pretty well up to -- a different reason. Which is comic which I mean it they'd be estimates profit was up 40%. What's what's so great about them this is the others -- -- it was a great spirits. Few few years together the all that many of the big oil companies were integrated think they did everything right. That's a -- naturally find it -- -- the chemicals at a pipeline caused them. And ConocoPhillips is the fast large oil companies fragment itself except as well -- they are not confident a year and a half right. An epicenter is no operations have been particularly stunning. -- -- -- stock performance has been pretty impressive. The valuable of the companies to -- and they're up about 40%. And I contestants frightful in pixel. And that's as you pledges then if you look at the actual results of the three to music for a cup than -- that much better necessarily. Then and you today integrated rivals -- the idea it was that they would -- -- management focus. They have a pretty good but yet but investors -- Okay well thanks Chris thanks to a mystery that I'm will be back with more breaking these next week.

Breakingviews: Ranking Big Oil

Friday, Nov 01, 2013 - 03:23

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