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Breakingviews: BlackBerry’s burgeoning woes

Monday, Nov 04, 2013 - 03:01

Nov. 4 - Antony Currie and Robert Cyran explain why a new boss and a $1 bln investment might not be enough to fix the company's problems.

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That's about is that candidates holding the Blackberry has failed to sell the company -- to -- -- -- -- interest -- now it's raise a billion dollars in convertible debt. And things not -- to good roadster and the -- way off this morning this company's been in almost a prequel thing is what is this thing this morning mean -- -- -- -- just -- Couple a month ago. The biggest backer Kaman said we're gonna by the company for nine bucks a share in the success facts are facts efforts -- financial. That's why -- run that well doesn't look at her real bitten and in the news -- actually it is not yet the problem is that the company on the burning cash. -- all of its divisions are -- are shrinking. Quickly now right its patents that values them you know. People are saying when are they his -- listen once thoughts as few months ago. And the company also they didn't really need any cash now the going -- getting another billion dollars what is. Why would they know that as it was thank you cash -- raising cash -- citizens need catch exactly events now as as an investor or as a company and think right reasons is not thinking. Can say that I think that's that's maybe not get to invoke our company for isn't -- black personally the -- choice for people not. Coming up senators whichever to a different company added so. It it's clear that even Canadian companies going and saying well we're going to use this system anymore so they're backing the strategies that think. And that that that pressures can keep on accelerating because once everyone else starts using an assistant. -- all the apps are designed that met -- expert at Blackberry while -- -- -- seems accelerating so it's just that and not since then it's. If if you keep on using as much -- -- develop as much for it and invest as much for it then it -- -- it much this month the exact dates without looking at the problems -- -- -- it's it's like -- -- was in a similar cycle if you remember -- this does PDAs that -- just he's not 1000 and you don't have one now and they don't hit it that -- else. And I think those same things probably -- for. But reveal Billy. CEO he seems to have a relative could correct or -- that the good grasp of the proposition CNBC news the companies -- tunnels that he's been associated companies. It's nice to Saddam chants he worked with clearly in California the private equity by Nielsen this turnaround at the company car outside base threats it got a history of working with troubled companies. And need to previously at this CEO who -- of a Blackberry had he justice. And delusional in thinking that inundated if she's he's new -- phones and -- suddenly adopt them and that it wasn't the case. And labels and stolen music to champs aren't there what's right now who love them. Chris from Fairfax and -- -- -- it -- the biggest holder of the company com and there they're gonna -- I can't -- you can't they're also buying part of the comfort right here. Prom and the company seems to be they've they've called up to -- but they still will examine public selling it's the business. But thanks several will be key in on that and we'll be back with more breaking east mark.

Breakingviews: BlackBerry’s burgeoning woes

Monday, Nov 04, 2013 - 03:01

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