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Silicon bust? London’s missing tech IPOs

Sunday, Nov 03, 2013 - 02:06

Nov. 4 - London’s ‘Silicon Roundabout’ welcomed its first mainland Chinese firm in October. But ahead of the Twitter flotation, Reuters asks why the much hyped UK hub has yet to produce an IPO.

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-- I think has been a -- cultural facing the nation. Believe that this was appropriate routes and almost inferiority complex -- haven't passed that. I think both of those significant shift. Over the obsolete in months. But will probably fight gives away ten years away talks -- one big -- which will then fuel or the next level of investment next phase there's always. It is early stage companies lots of good -- investors that great punch in your community. That and you need some time to build these diseases I would hate to see some of them goes to early. So they have to get the right seismic scale so that the public market offering is wipe that out. My experience -- at least if -- rest of the general vibe was that it. Subsistence guys like Mike is ahead of Boston Legal -- -- at a mosque since Google final -- not. And is -- itself for me is I mean he's got the call solo dates on spikes and on what is now in the -- on the view and -- The great thing for the British economy right now is that -- apps have been right at such a great everybody's got half a million. -- this boom this year one minute and a half of that is gonna come. Fantastic stuff in the new generation of Japanese and in the days when they gonna come from a by having -- -- fifty. You're able to. China lines on some really seeing things like sky scanner for example recently they did -- financing deal with sequoia fantastic -- capital. Funds from Silicon Valley which values the business at 800 million dollars but they do need. It's a Texas he's still very and you obviously and I think we will see a lot of bullets coming out but not sometime in both states is we'll get a lot of -- But they weren't. I would encourage people. Hang -- go for the ride because you're doing better things.

Silicon bust? London’s missing tech IPOs

Sunday, Nov 03, 2013 - 02:06

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