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Breakingviews: Can Bolland put the spark back into Marks?

Tuesday, Nov 05, 2013 - 02:57

Nov. 5 - M&S clothing sales fall for a ninth straight quarter despite a hyped new range, but the decline is slowing. CEO Marc Bolland must show the improvement is sustainable, says Breakingviews.

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On today's breaking view skin and the NASA's boss keep does John escalating sales that slumped 89 straight core set plus. BMW its provenance it's just in -- bomb on -- -- -- -- there isn't a visa breaking these. -- an App Store chain which is breaking these Colin thanks so much joining us George and that's not -- with an -- Only have to do to keep his job. Was quite simple lesson when he's do you sort that Noam Friedman on people today and that's Alley that clothing. And that's in the C on Thomas -- knowing knowing quarters of them. Ongoing declines you -- year accorsi bases say well they need to deal is just -- Get people instead of buying this stuff is really as simple as that happens. To be entity if mobile and his team. That's always been focused on the last oh PA. They've launched its new rules and went to collections and the whole point is that the whole reason why he is he's able to come. Put up good face today is really the -- The impact that was I mean -- it -- about the lost three weeks of that cool to say you didn't. You call would you say that's been a failure yet but it creates an absolutely crucial for in this. In the next course and -- cooled off so that you still see days like for like sales coming up and pretending calls -- unity and and the Clinton. How much patients -- this is happening CNET -- sales are rising in the time. Yes well. Believe it necessary to be what was in that club locations -- because says about 33%. Stake and I think it they did have. I think people are looking at a long term hand. And then they're realizing that even then mobile homes in this for puppies he does have a plan is just the prime he's the work and then -- create that nice cool cervical talked about the apps that critical as to what he's basically you know keep polonium that's. Okay and BMW I -- a bit negative then to profit next. Chested down one of the biggest -- is on European stocks today. Breaking news says perhaps investors should be a bit more relaxed about. This idea I think maybe -- -- basically -- -- a lot of open investment in the business which make the numbers look pretty Nazi but I do look through that well it's it's well I'm. Companies pushing Europe in that we actually said he felt comfortable so what's -- look through that. And basically the pain now is for gains in the future. Pretty Pasadena that my thanks to enjoy tape from breaking these. The militant assessing financial inside watching US breaking each and every day. At twelve that's -- seventeen that he GMT I'm contain all of this is what it is.

Breakingviews: Can Bolland put the spark back into Marks?

Tuesday, Nov 05, 2013 - 02:57

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