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Wealth Strategies: Twitter opens big, but can it last?

Thursday, Nov 07, 2013 - 02:31

Nov. 7 - Expectations for the social media giant's IPO are high, and after opening well above their offer price, shares of Twitter could head even higher in the months to come.

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And there's no. Shares of Twitter flying high at the open after the stock price last night above its expected range. One point eight billion dollar offering is the largest tech IPOs since FaceBook. Already -- shares dropped to a better start than its competitor which fell on it experts there trading. They did increase the price as did FaceBook that they did not increase the number of shares and I think that -- was the big Arabic FaceBook where it was increasing broke the price and the number of shares after the end of the period. Or up a bit this year rose just 5%. On their first day of trading Twitter obviously far surpassing that already. Of course retail investors can't typically buy an IPO on its first trading day. So the question for investors how to stop perform in the weeks and months ahead. While it took FaceBook over a year it's returns with IQ level tech IPOs as a group. Have done well this year returning 39%. That there initial public offerings but way. It could get better tech stocks like Twitter that priced above expectations. Have returned a whopping 47%. Since hitting the market. At her investments Chris but he says expectations sports where there are justifiably. High. Obviously you mentioned where they are today vs FaceBook today but they are a couple years behind FaceBook. As far as monetization of that the users as you mentioned FaceBook has over a billion users and we're looking at a Twitter today which has about 235. Million plus. Users today but still growing quite nicely in the opportunities. You know -- both in the United States and overseas. So if you look at both. The US. And overseas markets they're pricing right now is so much below FaceBook. But sweater already has FaceBook be in one area it's got more than twice. -- the number of followers then FaceBook has on where else Twitter. Its first treated the public company to those 26 million followers came the opening bell a simple hash tag -- I'm Rhonda schaffler is this is right.

Wealth Strategies: Twitter opens big, but can it last?

Thursday, Nov 07, 2013 - 02:31

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