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Breakingviews: Watch out BSkyB, BT is on your back

Monday, Nov 11, 2013 - 04:30

Nov. 11 - BT wins the right to show Champions League football from 2015. Breakingviews says despite paying over the odds, shareholders aren’t worried because BSkyB will pay more in strategic damage.

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On today's breaking news London listed Shia agrees to buy US company virus bomb out for about four point two billion dollars in cash. So -- deal pan out and -- keep -- as wave backing to TV sports top ranked as it winds and right to say Champions League Football and 2015. Christie is which is breaking he's set to joins me now Chris. The -- overpaid it was at what it. What is I didn't. -- flow of money on any conventional metric he hadn't paid but I actually -- hole with those shrugging this off because. The you know what they've what they've got -- the kind of major enumerated in two sports TV in the UK. And it causes real damage. To the big rival peace can't be in the study says or 10% and mrs. -- them more kind of scholar historian should I mean in terms of the real strategic setback this is that we've seen it's -- thousand lose auctions but this doesn't go into TV has been in this. Ever come out not the wind up. The only reason not to cash yeah and it and and and ask you this time I mean is it the pretty. Pretty simple strategy Yemen you play it as a cast of this time BT is the one newspapers Castro mean. The numbers -- a -- staggering that people will be will be to play. Is facing the same as what you were difficult for these this torment. Around the entire world. -- he has to -- three -- deal that beat he's got still the numbers on some issues. BT is confident that it and that it can make you pay the raw is gonna be additional kind of pay TV revenues tickets for -- This whole setting options is to wholesale these. To settle these tunnels. Virgin Media say it. For the time being -- cells that become applying. Question really is what discarded -- by way of response. It is there is a question here about how. Differentiates. Its. The sky and the BT offerings on I used with guys that. It's -- it was for the real promise force of national others. -- see how this kind of extra bit of sport if you're choosing Portland in the arts for well she might might this still to live with -- star to -- C. But now actually -- he's gonna coming off the official -- market where it is obvious scars. Branding issues this guy to pitch well out of that hole I was there must be a kind of content and instruction issue in the shares are off. Group of about one hole -- in the market -- -- -- today. Let's go. It was and now more than I should do for itself say. It's not been -- kind of but relaxed feel like in its response saying essentially wasn't gonna bit more than that -- it was we'll. Maybe it needs to reassess. Then it's that sense of Narnia. Just look at policy tools now shy lad and this virus foment deal. Can manage what is it a good pairing up with two companies. Well the -- -- from agreements. The premium looks kind of low it from some -- if you lasted just four. The run up and art -- says. It's it's a pretty is a pretty pricey deal. The and the valuation is pretty -- -- development times revenues. Can it work well as big packs and she. -- -- has -- -- tax rate and foreign farms say it. That suits is that that's one kind of financial planner for the transaction. And this are what it does is. Really strengthens its position in red diseases. This is very much -- 2013. Pharma deal -- I mean what it means is that you got. Pharma. Company which is it's strengthening its -- expertise specialist -- -- emanate. Not diversifying. Is doing more what it already does well it's buying -- -- -- late father markets like it continues and as you can see why. And as time passes seems like that says up there thanks very much Chris Chris he is from breaking -- Coolidge and assessing financial inside to watch the US breaking V show every day at twelve that he Easton seventeen SCG and TI and -- all. This is Georgia's.

Breakingviews: Watch out BSkyB, BT is on your back

Monday, Nov 11, 2013 - 04:30

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