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Far-right nationalists clash with police in France, Poland

Monday, Nov 11, 2013 - 01:43

Nov. 11 - The rise of the far-right was felt in France and Poland on Monday when clashes broke out between police and protesters during separate national commemoration ceremonies. Mana Rabiee reports.

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Two commemorations in Europe both ended in clashes Monday. In Poland, an independence day march by thousands of far-right nationalists turned violent -- when masked youth clashed with riot police. They're frustrated that economic progress has left them behind - angry, too that traditional values on marriage and abortion have been swept aside. The violence underscores the rise of the far-right across parts of Europe, including France. That's where an annual commemoration of the end of World War I broke down into this... Some 70 people, who the government said were linked to the far-right National Front, were arrested on the Champs-Elysees in Paris -- after heckling French President Francois Hollande. (SOUNDBITE) (French) (SOUND AS INCOMING) FRENCH INTERIOR MINISTER MANUEL VALLS SAYING: "They are fed up with this government that is not listening to them, a government that is raising taxes every day, that is forever limiting their freedom and, it's not complicated, France is in a very bad state." French Interior Minister Manuel Valls called their actions "unacceptable." (SOUNDBITE) (French) PRESIDENT OF "SOLIDARITE POUR TOUS" ANNE-LAURE BLANC SAYING: "It's enough, we are in a democracy where people can express themselves, this government with the President of the Republic, the prime minister, the ministers who are in charge of economic affairs and agriculture are listening but you can't question what is fundamental, what unites, and the 11th of November is a unique moment of unification." Newscasters said it was the first time a president had been booed on Armistice Day. The government says the far-right movement is trying to capitalize on widespread discontent -- ahead of elections next year.

Far-right nationalists clash with police in France, Poland

Monday, Nov 11, 2013 - 01:43

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