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Breakingviews: Don't under-estimate the ECB

Monday, Nov 18, 2013 - 03:03

Nov. 18 - It's as if the ECB's unexpected rate cut never happened. Perhaps investors don’t believe that key people can do more if necessary. If so, they’re missing something, argues Breakingviews.

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So following the surprise ECB rate kind of for not again markets seen -- -- not counting on any further reason of monetary policy. To what effect I would off Cyprus that she's pregnant does that. Aberdeen said become the biggest this farm manager in Europe following its sweep on -- Swept. Chris let's thought he sees me doing this request of -- this clip we didn't get out. Most surprisingly complacent swaps says in terms of yeah. How they feel the ECB has acted -- what I think needs to be as it. Where what where what what what we've done with this vote. This seems to be young behaving as though it doesn't believe that there's going to be. And more steps towards easing the -- in. Well we're putting -- here is that it is very significant. The ECB take action. Not -- funding a significant. Minority. A position -- -- council to. To -- reps. And in a previously that the -- -- anywhere inside one that hasn't any unanimity unanimity he says. The fact. It was in -- and take they're part of radicals that. And spices and this minority position that is something we won two of them office of -- the budgets that I can you can say. Well look. This of this was really -- in the that -- The rate cut in the past it would it be. In it would be now next month. -- even inside you I mean -- in his -- about whether the markets radiate out streamed into the so new willingness -- -- -- -- -- as far as -- position. -- -- All right it's time and then I -- this that Aberdeen treacherous. Storage would this monster billion and you like it. Well -- it is fortunate with the sort of a Democrat and -- One wonders how much real tension that Wilson go into the city in the woods is trying to tidy up and -- process to treat its capital that some. Asset management arms of his diocese of obvious. Wait it's to cousins -- -- and disposals. I'm in the process that's pretty good compared to the it's that -- smoltz. Since it discount on the basis. And that's that's going to be some -- seventies say. A from -- points of view pistons who have got a pretty good asset means. -- -- -- -- -- As an industry. This sort of thing that could convert Tyson confronts us that -- but it would put it together essence and some circles images. I've been also retains distribution to those -- -- -- if not it is what it is caught in this -- and everything we're one. Not out of pretty -- Perfect choice for many thanks Chris Chris hears that from breaking news from more agenda setting aside. Or -- US breaking news show everyday atrocities and 1730 GMT. An -- problems sources.

Breakingviews: Don't under-estimate the ECB

Monday, Nov 18, 2013 - 03:03

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