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Breakingviews: Not quite Wall Street

Monday, Nov 18, 2013 - 03:35

Nov. 18 - Timothy Geithner will join private equity shop Warburg Pincus. Breakingviews editors discuss how taking an actual banking job could have marred the former US Treasury secretary's reputation.

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In the beginning fully US Treasury Secretary always seemed to say he wouldn't end up what you Wall Street and he isn't quite doing them wrong. No I mean he's he's working on. Wall Street but he's not working in the financial services industry. Industry that he is largely involved in regulating. Both this year for Federal Reserve president and of course as the Treasury Secretary but it's one of these like he's not doing it come up fairly because. Warburg Pincus where he'll be president. Is obviously one of the biggest private equity firms and such as enjoyed you could argue. A lot of the benefits to a lot of the regulation that is that is taking place in the bank mr. But is there any reason you shouldn't. Do it. So all the Pincus and not particularly well long got you by one months rather bizarre thought that was that it fashion he's going to bank it would have proven that the -- rules and regulations he had helped. Foster actually would have what they would become utilities that would that would save the fact he's going too well that limit by the minute related to open and thought well that partially been Peyton -- -- it's totally defensible I think yeah I mean an end and there are a couple of things in the word Pincus a portfolio. Couple of banks Webster bank Connecticut got a -- and I had eight double their money. And it's it's a stand CIA -- you know -- not a -- say exactly I mean I don't I think it's totally defensible he is. Always said very clearly you know one of the things that that that annoyed him over the years. You can see you publicly with when people all of a bank or so he came from Wall Street we have yet it feels like I've worked in public servant to Goldman -- to write and -- and that's right now and we even wrote a funny a tongue in cheek piece a couple of years ago. Which was. That I think was the chairman of Citigroup Bob Steele. With -- terms in -- but saying it welcoming Tim Geithner to present it. Strategy and that was all time -- it was always very clear that that Geithner was never gonna go. To finish the service industry that he regulated and did you know. It accused of being almost too soft elsewhere it would have been actually really bad for his remember he's only like what fifty some yanks really it. -- -- what way -- notice is -- the area of finance the -- so much problems that banks shadow banking has little went right it's it's -- regulates -- they could always called problems molybdenum but the good thing about private -- incidents are critics and even maybe hedge fund is that there is a -- area. An extra buffer between. Those businesses acting -- up by the government and as BC right possibly say LT Seattle police -- vote on our disposal plant. So it's not looks at the losses in any losses that are incurred in in the private equity firms have been. Internalize that as they had an option socialists and -- but LT -- exception have not been socialites and others taxpayers haven't -- up those slots so. That's to me the big question for for for for Geithner and roll. I don't think that that he's gone someplace it's improper and anyway. You know you could say he's a great public servant and should you orbiting maybe become chairman -- -- -- if you -- -- you've been doing -- -- Korea. You know at some point you've probably do you wanna. Get -- and and again he's probably useful I mean I know the department made it. TARP was this giant portfolio with no cost of Cal's last however managing a complex organization like treasury. Which included TARP. Does probably give them pretty good opportunity to do some good at that -- Warburg Pincus for himself and for the shareholders and let them if partners but it. We'll leave it that will look for the singer Tim got to get sold in the private equity industry and we'll have a vote breaking news piece of --

Breakingviews: Not quite Wall Street

Monday, Nov 18, 2013 - 03:35

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