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Tapering? Count on more QE instead – Jupiter CIO

Monday, Nov 18, 2013 - 04:22

Nov. 18 - While the market is expecting the Fed to scale back its stimulus programme soon, Jupiter’s CIO is taking a contrarian view. John Chatfield-Roberts says there may be more QE rather than less next year.

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Hit it CFA European investment company is joining me now is John hot feel -- it's I am. And hit -- BGB -- independent funds team at six months thank you so much time -- Let's not be picked to John what are going to be X -- next to where you didn't live to. -- -- Everybody wants shields. In this wells and of course yield is more hump to get. These days essentially you have to publicity actually about to -- fixed interest market but. It's difficult time really. Mean on balance things on the king Rosie yeah of course the world economy Europe's gotten -- says. We've got heat rain that's coming down the event I'm. Which small kids and what is the -- part that makes four in the past is out today. I think has -- that can take exception with the the idea that taping is definitely coming on the -- I have the suspicion that thanks Lou happening again. And that is even an argument that senator. But that may be more. Q you on the list. Nothing is of course itself still days. Let Palin economically people who had their ups and -- downs but it developed equity markets have made very good money for mrs. Johnson. You talk about Joaquin Phoenix too -- expect us to come. And I think it's very difficult to say it's definitely going to happen because the -- hints that it's old data driven. -- You name it if if the dates and notes that they might well decide to do you move to the instead of taking. Okay and we don't get QB and we did indeed -- tapering. Of course the expectations and that is he going out and out I think he average -- -- is is moms for the month -- -- in my car. Do you see if we get tape -- guilty to what the anything. And exchange. I still really I think the premises for -- is incorrect. So I'm not expecting taking notes and OK so let's say we get more -- -- how -- you position contends that the investment strategies saved well I think. We think that equities. That's a place to be fixed interest say well mandates and and we have more inequities. At least as much as we can connect to his. And generally speaking developed markets probably -- hearing continues. Look better than. -- crucial moment. Just -- pick you up on imagine markets because but he does he expect need to organizing my own fund that's pulled out since. EM dance in the summer. We're looking to buy back here. And an amendment Webb city on the sidelines. As you say. We did post and imagine that -- and we've done what it does having a backup of it we -- well. Perhaps that would be good exploits that we remove that exploration. And it's all about hire cheap they relative to the the US treasury market and perhaps the living. Emerging that hasn't really -- them for us. And that just to finish up on goal the -- and suites have been hit by its exposure to gold this yeah. When we speak to the gold produces an honest no one is expecting gold prices to rebound any time seems so Somalia still sticking with okay. We'll look at -- I love the contrary and say if navy expects to go ballistic. But that probably suits me fine as it happens we've made a great deal of money out of our code the most. Final say it is. This year has been that's good we hope this is an insurance policy note. As an insurance policy so closely for next fashion. -- as an inflation hedge and it just seems to me that's the -- price probably is more likely to go -- and done. Right thank you very much John John tackle -- it's that from -- I'm I'm -- -- at the CAC European investment summit.

Tapering? Count on more QE instead – Jupiter CIO

Monday, Nov 18, 2013 - 04:22

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