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Breakingviews: ThyssenKrupp botches Brazil

Wednesday, Nov 20, 2013 - 04:04

Nov. 20 - The German steelmaker admits it cannot sell its Brazilian steel mill. But now it is postponing results and focusing on a Steel Americas sale for a much-needed capital hike, says Breakingviews.

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-- -- breaking news German steelmaker ThyssenKrupp a spy opens its results of the deal on the US strong gets -- new era. And equity optimists may frost creates a crowded trades but when it sat well too much money be chasing the same my Daren Powell. Detrimental will Latin beat to the equity trading 2014. Yet -- -- on. Is our European I say our breaking views European -- and joins me. Let's let's get it to scripts story over with with -- they suspend the results which is quite on usual. That's because they've admitted. They can probably get a Salem US parts of this of this. Operation but not the Brazilian cause close to -- -- it. Has been reserved for quite some time. And is that is that the troubled operations -- The American operations to some group where -- fourth -- I'm being talks that were trying to. It is delaying a lot of decisions with companies house to make. That -- poking some -- you know. -- to be able to announce the whole thing together -- management has nothing to do that with a situation doesn't care that's not think from the past that have been kind of may have been. Has been dragging on. Now they realize who have admitted it cannot find -- are full of the Brazilian. Parent you know every is -- -- the three of them and still -- to a tournament. But they eventually get -- talks with someone to buy the North American operation few seconds percent. The senate -- so you're saying well enough is saying. Did the deal among the North American operation. And and and get on the capital -- which is exactly there are there effect they were facing terrible options in case because the clintons -- the top of the right. -- Keeping -- loss making Brazilian things and have to find some solution for him in the case at some point. And into laying the recipient's -- couldn't really packed situation. And now of course they -- home and look ahead of capital -- they need. To print -- in the balance sheet and that it goes with markets have been expecting for some time okay. The other story is debate. Equity -- story now -- the Reuters. Investment summit is on them. And we've we've got a lot of CIO news from a lot of big investment managers and -- most of the ones I've spoken to say 2014 is is is is that it will be the year once again. It was Friday. By the European music. Now -- are saying. Because of rising capex bottom. Which is of course good for the equity markets people -- getting -- and in that -- it's gonna get crowded and valuations are gonna get talking. Much more quickly than people think for the rally will be coming to possibly not be as. And you lie is an exuberant as a 2013 is particularly -- things -- people -- coming to realize that yes those priorities story that this. Being to -- -- more people crowding into equities for the reasons you mentioned time and the tapering off will cure you works. It is a win win situation for Christiane indicated it. And so you're against him but but people up you know. Realizing that and so. Do not expect the same type of returns as we've seen 2013 predicting. The point of the piece equity optimists had reasons to be optimist. But that many of them and so and so. The reward for being in you know ten races it's more than when of course you. -- earlier. This is basic to Clinton story. OK forget you can read but those stories of course on the print news website referenced appeared -- -- For more generous audience know what's our US recognition twelfth birdie every day that's what that these concerns in thirty GMT I'm -- -- was his license.

Breakingviews: ThyssenKrupp botches Brazil

Wednesday, Nov 20, 2013 - 04:04

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