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Store holiday displays add acrobats, pop stars to win shoppers

Friday, Nov 22, 2013 - 03:14

Fifth Avenue retailers unveiled extravagant window displays ahead of the holiday shopping rush, hoping to lure back customers who increasingly buy online. Reuters reporter Marina Lopes was on the scene.

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Consumers are buying 4% in there and get online. Stricken -- is I definitely facing more competition than ever before they never going to be it would operate any options you can get online and it's never going to be as convenient. So what they have an advantage is with snow -- is retail pain which is nice fusion of entertainment with good retail experience. How into the -- Goodman when doing bailing. And it was absolutely spectacular day they had acrobat five and the -- is throwing glitter at the crowd. An estimated Palin bailing they had this time many of popular. Teen band playing in hot chocolate. Speculative movements. One of biggest challenges boy needs different stories is attracting a younger crap. At the late in Taylor happening there worry teenage girls everywhere because of the ban. You have apps like in -- and then -- chat. That really plays a lot of value on -- from -- beauty and I think that they can connect with these holiday when it is because it's. An absolutely beautiful. Artistic insulation that's only there for a few weeks and then disappear. Some are Holliday went as a so complicated so all of this stuff and so over the top everything that we him. We think -- maybe three minutes and take -- on May be multiple viewing it purposely. Layer of meaning. Not meaning in our holiday moment. It changes things that holiday when it is actually the tradition that have survive decades and decades of technological changes. The experience of blocking. Q a holiday when you're seeing these displays that often don't even advertise actual product from the story there I advertising this season this idea that. It's Christmas senior city it's time for us to think about the people that we love and potentially. Starting to shop for them every Yankee. -- -- -- -- -- Everybody else. For the stories even though there is no guarantee that. A consumer who comes to the unveiling -- this beautiful windows and getting go into the store and I something. If you can get the consumer to stop for even a second the chances of them coming into the store later on creating. So we don't know the specific. Number is departments her budget but we do you know that the level of detail is extraordinary. I can't the other day it was about a hundred people. Over in the last year that we worked on the senate is a year production isn't here for us and he's. Well. Everett voluntarily spend on anything but. That's true reality. As a consumer you're not not just going to a store because you need to buy something you're going from the experience. You go to store waiting -- when did union failed. And you have no idea what it's going all the emails is you're going into.

Store holiday displays add acrobats, pop stars to win shoppers

Friday, Nov 22, 2013 - 03:14

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