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Former hostages wary of thawing U.S.-Iran ties

Sunday, Nov 24, 2013 - 02:28

Former Iran hostages Rocky Sickmann and Steve Kirtley say they can see why the Obama administration is pursuing better relations with Iran now, 34 years after the hostage crisis, but they are deeply skeptical of Iran's intentions on the nuclear issue.

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You would just hope that. As we do make these decisions that we do listen to our our allies that our on our side. -- there you're protecting us and we're protecting them and now we can call upon. And instead that we don't. Listen and then -- to each terrorist country like Iran. I mean -- look nice they -- smiling. And there are wonderful people in Iran. But you know what. Did the radical government of Iran needs to be held accountable and needs a step form to show and tighten those sanctions. That you know what the more you don't listen to us just tighter organist put sanctions are. And I know what Iran's probably trying to do is you're trying to. Negotiate and to president Obama's out of office they have been doing that for 34 years and again they're very good at -- And so we keep getting suckered into it. Inside and. I look at it and know that the State Department is -- in our government is trying to come closer and it. And -- get a grip on that nuclear -- proliferation over there. All the while the sanctions are really really cutting into the Iran and people. And you know the people that are just trying to live today Tuesday. While -- while the government you know again. Nuclear proliferation. Most prolific state sponsored terror. Of terror in the world and you know. We seem to be the one that it. Maybe. With a little less. Cautioned that we then we should.

Former hostages wary of thawing U.S.-Iran ties

Sunday, Nov 24, 2013 - 02:28

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