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Daimler, Peugeot, Renault are Iran deal winners– LCG

Monday, Nov 25, 2013 - 03:50

Nov. 25 - Travel stocks get a boost from the Iran deal, but the real winners are Daimler, Peugeot and Renault which had a space in the market before the sanctions, says London Capital Group's Nick Lewis.

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Iran's music deal is helping European stocks climb back towards by the highs today it US have been watching the action and joins us from London Capital Group. Big things and has -- joining us. These spring wheat stocks are likely to benefit from. This deal. I think can now we seeing it being covered primarily through the full manual process following me here oil was as much as three dollars and back below 110 down to us who want highlights and -- media on the grand -- And it's stocks that's. Says so the European Commission sent Sarah has has has been based on the back video -- stocks were little bit better -- -- sound. Easy jet British Airways will go a little while but I think the scum because the saints are coming out of this fast. All the ones are most looking forward to it -- some of the French car manufacturers who who did have a bit of a space in this market before the sanctions but I will put in place so. -- -- picks up 3% that was appetite sudden movement below 3% now and then read a lot one point 2%. Pressure particularly up I'm not there SA FC if I was already come out so they -- producing what they were best sales targets with some grant Hoffman and cause a month. Back in 2011. Which is which it could be quite something much of ten million Euro design I calendar month. Now I know stocks have been on the rise as you read any although come with that you have faced a defense. -- on any other stocks that have had some. Explosion Tehran -- the possible sanctions -- economy is that you just mentioned. Yeah I think you know Sunday and then welcome -- back a little bit of -- for most of Don I used to do back again back in 2010 have caught presence. Another we come -- states that got no current plans to reopen the folders but they will be watching people like Calumet City people oppose a very close to see what sort of successor having tried to re enter that market -- There -- -- is sought caveats over the over the -- -- of the of the agreements but I think it's it's it's old but I opposed to songs for those it's against French comic -- Now some heads son trading of of gold out also going to be removed for Iran. Do you think produces -- to benefit from this and which ones. What -- I think it's definitely quite reasonably that -- -- -- process -- in particular folder in the share. Oil prices as well. And they think it opened reopen -- market Africa can only see that that then went -- ideas and put an extra on the way to know on the market. The months and if you look at the so lots of BP shelves hotel this morning a rule that you know that they're not they're not. And massively effects of this type we will let me throw me off. Half of the sense -- -- -- but I think that that's the kitty is to watch. Whether there are supplies are going to be effective if -- fiftieth or supplies increasing elicited -- cold front supposed to go across to these become shall show. And then you think -- of course is that some in this deal. It's not gonna go on forever at this point east we talking six months can't. We've got in mind is this a significant gain changer -- for investments. I think it's the idea I know he's saying is it's a six month that -- not on this particular part of deal but I think you these cities the first signs it's encouraging some sounds I think he's given that. I think has given the market generally a bit of a bit of a loosening up the markets have caught opposed to going into this anyway. But you -- of people from -- but it Christmas try to and I don't know this -- this is the first step towards getting that got in. I think cam. You know and it I think is a good Saunders it was have been negotiations. Being going on behind -- to review that's and I think although that maybe six mcdonalds case it's the start of a more of a positive outlook. Great my banks say it's an INS from London Capital Group. I'm and seeing all and this is --

Daimler, Peugeot, Renault are Iran deal winners– LCG

Monday, Nov 25, 2013 - 03:50

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