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Breakingviews: Trustbuster monopoly

Tuesday, Nov 26, 2013 - 02:50

Nov. 27 - Breakingviews editors discuss why the U.S. Federal Trade Commission should leave antitrust to the Justice Department and focus on its strength of protecting consumers.

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So -- -- world taking one company merging with another create synergies. But here in the United States we have this peculiar situation that -- holdings is writing about. Which is that we have to antitrust emanate watchdogs and you're proposing. To go to 11. I mean of the Justice Department antitrust division -- one -- he has yet to see that the country commission all right other. And they both doing and I trust about some of this is you know they're like any other countries with the antitrust enforcement none of them almost. And it does so of course the argument would be -- -- from their perspective was which is it creates competition while -- -- talked via tease out and bought in or experts and things like health care hospitals. All right Eric stuff that we have all this expertise that we do that well why even over news just. But the reason I mean that the reason is. That the Justice Department has really been beating the pants off. The FTC antitrust of course right at that in -- Busch deal. Italy and AT&T teal GT mobile operator integrated the American Airlines US Airways deal. They've been very aggressive as Obama promised that would be it sort of going after them let's get a decent got a what cost the FTC I mean it looked at Google's very hard decided not to do when. On the -- number of other deals go through -- reps Mexico. When you look at its restaurants -- it that -- so when you look at it that. What could they do you mean realistically they could take out there and trust division. And then refocus. -- -- That's really well that's -- whole wins are important area in the privacy in the consumer protections. That's fun and trust that's not trust and it was very broad remittance. Historical anomaly back in 1911 after the standard oil decision it's a little complicated but only with the standard oil -- -- -- -- he left the rule of reason and anti us as well actually -- balancing anticompetitive effects with the business purposes -- -- people -- -- -- sounds too easy for us. Let's create that set a record that's that's an impetus and it -- this FTC won't we can bypass the courts won't have to deal with -- court has its old administrative. Adjudication says I think that we think they can be tougher. But one of the things they said that they could they can address any on fair competition. That stuff can include an artist isn't even an anti trust them and -- attacked protesters -- yeah I mean things like privacy or -- it monopolist to practices -- don't necessarily require you to adjudicate on an -- Right not at all what's it really that they develop this thing that it's really quite different. All right well wolf from your lips to these agencies years we'll see if that actually there's an art will be back for more breaking views after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Breakingviews: Trustbuster monopoly

Tuesday, Nov 26, 2013 - 02:50

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