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Kim Jong Un look-alike turns heads on Hong Kong streets

Wednesday, Nov 27, 2013 - 01:28

November 27 - A musician dresses up as North Korea's supreme leader and parades down the streets in Hong Kong. Sharon Reich reports.

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If you thought you saw Kim Jong Un walking down the street in Hong Kong recently, you weren't the only one that was fooled. Meet Howard. He is currently earning some extra cash by impersonating North Korea's Supreme leader at the urging of his friends. SOUNDBITE: Howard, musician turned Kim Jong Un impersonator, saying (English): "When he came to power, when he was the president of North Korea, then I got a lot of comments that I look like the guy, then you know, we joked back and forth, 'yeah, maybe I should get dressed up and do some gigs with it.' After all, I'm a musician, so it's about the performance." And it seems Howard's performance is pretty good. He shot a commercial as Mr. Kim for an Israeli burger chain and commands $650 USD for a party appearance. The resemblance is uncanny … and Howard says people always stare wondering - is he? Or isn't he? SOUNDBITE: Tourist from Germany, Uwe Arndt, saying (English): "I was surprised. And I thought, 'hey, I have seen him anywhere before.' But that was on German TV, and so I recognized he's a dual. I couldn't believe that he's the true one.' Howard is a little taller than Kim, and older too. He isn't quite as portly as Kim, but says he won't have any problem working on that. While he currently has no plans of becoming a full-time impersonator, Howard is relieved that he could have a job for life. "Well, I'm set up for life, what can I say. I mean, Reggie Brown, all these Obama impersonators, they got eight years. I got a lifetime. Unless he gets assassinated, that is, which could happen, you never know. I've heard (Kim Jong Un's older brother who left the country) Kim Jong Nam's working something up."

Kim Jong Un look-alike turns heads on Hong Kong streets

Wednesday, Nov 27, 2013 - 01:28

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