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Verification - not trust - the basis of Iranian nuke deal: arms expert

Wednesday, Nov 27, 2013 - 03:09

The West's deal with Tehran effectively freezes any attempts by Iran to build a nuclear weapon, but its backbone is constant monitoring, says Joseph Cirincione, president of Ploughshares Fund.

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So this will help Iran from building nuclear weapon this agreement has made the world a much more dangerous place there's nothing about this. Based on. So if you're thinking welcome to trust the Iranians don't think that way this is about there -- -- This deal basically freeze. On in nuclear program in place. Iran has over a dozen major facilities uses. What it says is peaceful purposes to make fuel for nuclear reactors at its behind me turn uranium into gaseous form. It and -- it -- at times where they have several thousand centrifuges and up. They put the Ukrainian gas in the centrifuges spin it around and Richard until it's what they call. 3%. Purity. And they put that into fuel fabrication. Fuel rods but there reactor the primary concern that mr. Netanyahu had and others had. Was that Iran was enriching uranium to what we call -- 20% purity. And when they got enough of that about 240 kilograms worth. They could be able to quickly convert that into that 90% purity. But what you need for bomb so what this deal does is it stops the production anymore that they got about a 190 kilograms about sixty short. And it takes that. 20% enriched uranium and makes them converted into fuel and get rid of it. So that they can't use it -- upon. And here's the key part. Because we now have enhanced inspections would see -- doing it inspectors that have been going every week two weeks of facilities. Now they've been going every day we go to win and make the centrifuges we go to the places where they're putting in this centrifuges we watched centrifuges operate. We -- the product that's coming out we watched the store to -- that material is you basically go from birth to death. Of the nuclear material it's almost inconceivable they can break out of this agreement without us knowing it and once we know -- we can take appropriate action. Have to -- diplomatically. Economically if need be militarily they ought to have another facility that they buried under a mountain and for ago when there -- also doing in Richmond. This deal stops the installation of any more centrifuges in that. Israel's been worried about -- point -- facility in particular because it's underground deeper than Israel can bomb construction is stopped. The Richmond is being controlled. And whatever uranium is produced in any of these plants is being converted directly to form. Fuel making it much harder practically impossible for them to use the open question whether there's any secret facilities. This interim deal enhances our capabilities to on to know about secret facilities but given us access more to more manufacturing facilities. This is not a instance what we talk and a deal now. They don't feel they don't put nothing consequences. --

Verification - not trust - the basis of Iranian nuke deal: arms expert

Wednesday, Nov 27, 2013 - 03:09

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