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Lady Gaga holds quirky news conference in Japan

Sunday, Dec 01, 2013 - 01:30

Against a backdrop of Gagadolls, Lady Gaga talks about fans not pre-judging her latest album ''ARTPOP''. Rollo Ross reports.

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TV AND WEB RESTRICTIONS~*NONE**~ Lady Gaga is not known for her conformist attitude so it was unsurprising that she turned out in Japan to promote her album 'ARTPOP' wearing what can only be described as a tartan hooped trouser suit topped with a hairstyle straight from the court of Louis XVI. Her answers were almost as eccentric as her style when she answered a question about wanting people not to pre-judge her latest album. SOUNDBITE singer Lady Gaga (English) saying: "It's because I feel a sense of revolution against the idea that you have to think about something before you decide if you like it. There's a sort of theme that is running through society of looking at things and giving a, waiting for someone to 'bang the gong, to the crash the critics saying is it right or is it wrong?' This is the lyrics from Applause." She also talked about her collaboration on the album with R Kelly. SOUNDBITE singer Lady Gaga (English) saying: "In a way, this was a bond between us that we were able to say the public, they can have our bodies but they cannot have our mind or our hearts. It was a really natural collaboration." Gaga also used the press conference to unveil her Gagadolls, which the manufacturers boast are the first life-like look-a-like listening stations which allow a person to listen to her new album by placing their face against the chest of the doll. Not to be outdone in quirkiness, Gaga recently announced she will be the first pop star to perform in space in early 2015.

Lady Gaga holds quirky news conference in Japan

Sunday, Dec 01, 2013 - 01:30

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