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Breakingviews: Amazon drones on

Monday, Dec 02, 2013 - 03:24

Dec 2 - Breakingviews columnists consider the online retailing giant's plan to deliver packages by unmanned drone, and wonder whether it's really as distant as any big profits.

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-- Jeff Bezos chief executive of Amazon let slip on TV on Sunday. The idea that the company to be delivering packages by unmanned. Autonomous drones within just a few years from -- -- the imagination the media. And people generally but how realistic. Wrote it it may be realistic it's not -- happening times. The forever and ever since first -- a lot of safety issues around this and this thing you know and it had. Decades studying the matter. It said it wasn't -- them drones could probably do this right yet they can't do that mean they can they can actually builds more a question of -- they gonna hit things -- -- and hit things had to get a -- commercial aircraft carrier you know what the privacy issues around these things discussing I don't. On on missing it's it's probably some kind of laser gun to shoot them that. And it's -- you are asking for trouble shoot this well and he's also tournament delivering with a thirteen minutes that means -- distribution senses and presumably. Would mean then it's. It's somewhere in its population areas which makes it even looked -- exactly. To the FAA is looking at this they say unite within 2015 but probably actually they're gonna serve our interest earning 20/20 so right again this -- seven years in the future. It's kind of goes along with Amazon's hole. It's different just always promising things that are gonna come in profit is gonna come here look at these exciting things over the horizon. Let you know profits -- now. Now we're right so you've got but he goes and take companies like Google especially soon maybe apple just too much lesser extent in terms of the range and don't -- they do. But with huge margins -- kind of afford to develop. Printing technologies like this and Amazon. You know is bonded to Wafer thin doesn't seem like -- -- the senate -- and a lot of money enemies Milos last quarter they they could of course make profits that they want to but they've they've always said you know we invest in. And -- or. Right on the basis is is being true to form. The problem is for investors do you really want someone who's you know what -- Scopes of ambition and you know will that ever come. How how long that the investment -- -- -- -- have been promising and promising and promising. But as a way to -- on the existence. So you won't watch show the same -- meanwhile about is go live to them related billion goes yet I think investors say that unity in the granite -- There -- shopping -- on Amazon you know holiday season they think it's going to be durable vote in other words this does is going to be around for a long time. You know and that could be true because he would phone confessions change very quickly I mean you know like Motorola where -- -- to -- personal it. So that they look at apple -- they've they've got these huge profits that problem here tomorrow and shopping -- -- -- forever. That's not always the case that if you look at you know Sears Roebuck was that was around and now they're they're basically gone in every every generation or so you're shopping company. Mr. Taylor thought Scott if they they think they've got fervent opponents have limited time to actually so this is almost the way just that will be around seven is that -- about it. I think he probably does believe in in this thing but hey has this idea it if -- featuring DeVries is sponsoring a long clock it's ten -- -- right -- and -- that is suddenly takes a little them here. Yet for all the excitement that's it probably will be a long time for its commercial deliveries but it will leave that we have been holding up too much -- -- and drop about a dozen profits just yet. Who will follow that story would have more breaking news for you tomorrow.

Breakingviews: Amazon drones on

Monday, Dec 02, 2013 - 03:24

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