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Ring them bells! UK manufacturing hits high note

Monday, Dec 02, 2013 - 02:39

Dec. 2 - The UK’s oldest manufacturer - Whitechapel Bell Foundry - launches its first online store, as the sector expands at its strongest pace in almost three years in November.

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What are some of London's most iconic buildings have in common. They -- house felt that have been comes cost at the white chapel foundry in East London. The family business now run by its fourth generation of -- this is the oldest manufacturing company in the UK. We've been based in London for over 400 is and we've been on this site since 1738. We started making church bells we still my church bells and that we make everything that's anything to do with bells and the fishing and the -- I'm having. Britain's manufacturing sector has been getting strong guy in recent months. The -- purchasing managers index because soared almost three year peak of 58 point four. With me or does rising to that highest levels in nineteen years. Even exports which the government and the Bank of England have been desperately trying to lift out of the doldrums I don't have that best month since the financial crisis. The PMI is happy and extremely strong over the course of recent months. -- running whether the heads all the underlying activity takes -- so overall we think UK. Pace of the UK recovery is probably thinking. And decided to slow down slightly -- of the handle on recovery is still very much in in place. But despite the green sheets the manufacturing sector is still around nine cents more up in the for the financial crisis. An investigation by the all party parliamentary manufacturing -- which will be launched in parliament on December that that. Has found that you came manufacturers are reluctant to embrace new technology and change with the times. But Alan and his wife have bucked the trends -- setting up an online shop. With more. And we operate in the nation market and we rely upon explore the home market simply is big enough. If you want people to buy from you every single person on the planet must've heard of him. And that's how you do it. Investigation also says menaces between -- she came on actress to take home more ambitious growth strategies. They should be parenting skills development and technological innovation. We need to see some. Greater investments and industry as bacteria that is something that needs to be done that on property and -- who to create any of this though that we're seeing. And -- need this confidence -- seeing in the in the broader market that's clearly been a problem. And over the last number of quarters. You came manufacturing accounts for 11% of the economy more than financial services. Said if the sector wants to continue to strengthen. More long established British companies would do well to follow the -- on cheap seats and set their sights other fields. Mean -- the crisis.

Ring them bells! UK manufacturing hits high note

Monday, Dec 02, 2013 - 02:39

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