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Mining 2014: New capital – where is it flowing from and to?

Thursday, Dec 05, 2013 - 02:21

Dec. 5 - Private funding may start flowing into quality mining projects in developed jurisdictions, say some top CEOs and investors at the Mines & Money

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I -- that this certainly signs of companies only mean. Information. From the Canadian content from. I think people are starting to loose of the strings a little bit I'm giving us -- that's -- it in the channel's thing that. Mining opportunities. In 2014 and you know you know I think that what's gonna happen there's -- this lack of investment capital and your -- politics it's going to be -- -- New stories coming into the space so I think it should be going to the high quality stories high -- the stories that. Continued profitable mining companies that'll be the first companies that get a positive response. -- new capital coming from. Some online and we're gonna start -- gonna invest in to our assets. You know from my perspective I think when you look at. Valuations of mining companies. Distance across the border are very high from my perspective. Don't mind my thanks to. Needs projects that are in. Phillips jurisdictions because it discounts and evaluations. It really in my mind are quite attractive. Less risk and frisky and going to you know more challenging jurisdictions -- in Africa and parts of South America. It's funny because there's been a long blowing out he's. It's. Taking this -- But ultimately the series leading up. You talk to -- with a -- It's yeah. Lockheed missiles during the long. So playing at the moment it's beginning to flow because of the play tonight and yet. Floating from the private funds that scrub. -- -- doing well going forward weeks in a deal recently in the face Tanzania on it was so Patrick who couldn you know the money. This is the money's going to come home over the next years. Where it's going I think it's it's good -- primaries limited companies which cannot argue the quality companies -- Jackson --

Mining 2014: New capital – where is it flowing from and to?

Thursday, Dec 05, 2013 - 02:21

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