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Reuters asks: Could the ECB start QE?

Thursday, Dec 05, 2013 - 02:30

Dec. 5 - Reuters asks whether the European Central Bank should start to buy government and corporate bonds to help the euro zone avoid a Japanese-style deflationary spiral.

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Eighties potentially possible without knowing the traditional -- that we've seen the big question of effectively buying bombs and -- them -- I'm having said that of course that the big -- always kind of pay as we show with a shock interest rates cut. From these same day that we recently the question is now of course just how aggressive but I want to be in terms of engine during ground. Now the debt problems are starting to subside. That is a remote possibility I don't expect him to say it's. Boats the ECB is set to do whatever they can't support you go to support you as an economy and -- basis with -- insurance console leasing commitments and they could look to -- ended me into the future. I think I'd be surprised if -- did something now having done something a month ago. But I think -- things are going to be to look out for is we've got this asset quality review for the European banks. And there's a feeling that around that at the beginning of 2014. We're going to need some more liquidity. Policing as -- is receiving high likelihood of some kind. Balance -- expansion from the CB and Minnesota highlighted a defensive measures given any information -- case. And then the question is. Well -- night shift back and as a whole range of insisted deposit rate cuts negative to positive rights -- because. -- we think catching me at punishing expenses Syria assumption that they'll consider it for me not yet findings. Given. We've we've got to see really what happens there's information out and then the next few moments of that fence -- Everything is on the title -- show up. We don't expect a rate cut we would expect a rate cut toward the middle of next to it and -- -- you -- called me. To business. But I think what we would expect measures towards greater transparency to equality to mentions. Times publishing and its social. Policy for it would tighten credit -- -- yours. Inflation moved back up a little bit give us were higher. It it shows that there's just that their medicine is working or that and that's their. The plant there on track they they are predicting a general recovery. A gradual recovery the signals are so far that that's going to come through. They've done they did an emergency measure already a month ago I think they want to see how that how that works before taking another step.

Reuters asks: Could the ECB start QE?

Thursday, Dec 05, 2013 - 02:30

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