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Marching to the beat of Sousa's drum

Thursday, Dec 05, 2013 - 06:11

John Philip Sousa, known as the ''March King,'' led the United States Marine Band from 1880 to 1892 and is credited with having transformed it into an internationally famous institution. Each November 6th the Marine Band marks Sousa's birthday by making the 1-mile trip across Capitol Hill from their barracks to play at his grave side. Photos and multimedia by Jonathan Ernst

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Congressional cemetery sits on the backs look at Capitol Hill justices slips away into the Anacostia River. It has collected its share of timeless American. Legendary FBI director. Onetime vice president Eldridge here. Better known as the godfather of -- congressional districting we -- Jerry. And First Lady Dolly Madison once slid the ball to play. I'm prepared. But more eternal even than the others. John Phillips -- enjoys the breath of life every time the president's his beloved Green Day. Plays his music. -- life played out with a high degree of geographical apartment. Born in 1854. On Capitol Hill to a marine band musician he's spent his years with the marine band in the -- there. And every year on his birthday November 6 the band makes the short ten -- trip. From the rehearsal -- that bears his name to the nearby cemetery. Where he was buried in 1932. They pay homage to the man who pushed them and their predecessors so far beyond their Washington Unclei. John Phillips whose is our he's a director bit. Win not just national but world renowned for us hey this is the guy who changed the way military organizations. Across the world. The world. Play and perform so doubles -- is a really big deal musically and even a bigger deal in the military. And for the record -- have immense powers it's really impressive it's. It's a huge thing and be part of Germany's big deal. Susan had been apprentice to the marine band at the age of thirteen. And played with him until he was twenty just six years later he was back as the conductor. Leading them to new heights of musicality professionals. Caught up about. This van it's full of strong. Will. Professional musicians whose main goal is to get it done perfectly and musically on the same time. You don't find that. You know jobs. We are all here for each other as well with some of the job we have to do. We pull ourselves through these jobs. Sometimes -- around the snowboard terrain and things like that that's an enticing part of the job as well. -- put you know 150 people and an organization like that. Can't help but get. Great sound. Susan believe that the composition in March temple must have a military quality. If it is to make it it must have the absolute military instinct. He says he added that -- is great composers were good act because they had no sense of the clashing swords and thundering must treat what he called the barbaric splendor of war. But swords and -- -- point to the double dogs of today's Marine Corps and the soundtrack to their battles match their twenties something tastes. I and the Marine Corps back in 89 when it prepares. Now -- in the operating forces the the Marines in the -- in any occupational specialty are -- first as I've come up in the ranks and I'm now -- master gunnery sergeant. Grammy during the highest level basically and military. Wearing a uniform that is a little bit different then what -- your -- of Nazis after they had been around a Marine Corps for two or three years still very young Marine Corps and very early on their careers. They do have this really strong. Connection to these. And -- music. Almost everything they hear in this ceremony is going to be job losses. From the pre ceremony to separate fine the stars and stripes there marching through it as any attention to -- two years ago line. Be. Anytime they hear it just -- chills down there. There there. -- --

Marching to the beat of Sousa's drum

Thursday, Dec 05, 2013 - 06:11

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