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Breakingviews: WTO's small victory saves it from irrelevance

Monday, Dec 09, 2013 - 03:17

Dec. 9 - The WTO reached a global trade deal on Saturday, the first since 1994. Breakingviews argues it gives the organisation a reason to carry on, but the WTO still faces an uphill struggle to stay relevant.

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On today's breaking news following its global trade reform deal on sat today and the first since 94 how the WTO small victories saved it from -- relevance. At Christie's is gonna give us the breaking news take on the are you now you'll economist says it's W series -- serious. Or still serious but stable condition on the back that's I think gentleman about it. Elephant in the back from his group and conflicts. It off the 2008 we were very worried about a re emergence all protectionism. This country is. And really hunkered down. I'm fortunate to in there and industries and businesses that actually. We haven't really seen and and and that there is still but pressure that say. Anything that works the other way. That is evidence. Countries can get together and I agreements as of operations is a good thing. Do you need I -- that isn't going to make makes this point and from. Yes we haven't seen a rise in that sort protectionism since the crisis but we've seen a rise another. Forms of protectionism state bailouts come acumen rules. Which is just as -- -- Then I would not this is the the front that you get you've got a 159. Members all agree on some language actually adds up to it in a trillion told us -- and global GDP. So maybe one of the hall dissent is not be sniffed that affinity. Biggest threat to say that. -- -- the really big leaps in terms of liberalize global trade in -- happens. That -- today say this is this is really incremental. It would be wrong. The slave in its state subsidies they protectionism. Is still. In very much -- that humans and state and -- but it's like. One of the features of this round was that -- some. Indian opposition to fixing. Farm thought that this -- the -- though that this is in the right direction. That you mention India we should mention Cuba as well. Dropping. What was threats of the senate calm but the package altogether and then they did a deal some kind of from compromise with the US. But debt and again -- makes this point these lone holdout countries and their ability to scupper the whole thing which lets face it. Has happened in the past decade I'm. Is a scary prospect because these governments still needs are justified. Yes I -- -- you can happen situations you can have one government which. In which threatens a date to be here until there is a school of force that it says but in need they need these these these. Big from two -- you can just kind of -- -- some some periodical agreement between. In the US and Europe for whatever it is I mean. The pro -- work in tandem but -- on this occasion. They were still able to get something credence but felt this since I think if this is different -- both of. Okay respects that. Right for more -- setting -- inside what's our US bring me show every day 1230 east and 1730 GMT. IMAX folks is horses.

Breakingviews: WTO's small victory saves it from irrelevance

Monday, Dec 09, 2013 - 03:17

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