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Hilton part of best IPO year by dollars since 2000-Toole

Thursday, Dec 12, 2013 - 03:12

Dec. 12 - 2013 has been the best year for IPO's since the tech boom at the turn of the century, with Hilton just the latest high profile one, says Thomson Reuters' Director of Deals Intelligence Matt Toole.

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For the idea of getting a warm welcome and your stock exchange today the third biggest IPO of the air. And it has been quite a year Matt Katula director of deals intelligence here tops our writers is here with more and it to have you here -- -- So it has been quite a year talked about it. It has where we're ending the year with look in the third the artists as you said Hilton's 2.3 billion dollars IPO. It's actually the strongest year for US listings since 2009 dollars raised. And by number of listings the strongest since 2007 so rivers and he is in record territory. 2000 the tech boom we're back with very strong market for a threat here is in the US. Seems a lot of prep athlete I mean is behind these deals can you talk about that -- looking for its -- now if you if you think about five or six you know 567 years ago was that the buyout boom and so now those companies are. Looking to democratic reforms are looking to exit and so we're seeing almost nineteen million dollars in private equity -- is a serious that a third of all volume and so that is a bit higher than. Previous years and it makes sense and received a big names like Hilton like SeaWorld like Norwegian cruise lines. I'm so there's a couple of big names coming out there that if it's all private equity backed. Well up until leisure sector and hospitality sectors like Celtic went out and did really well this year in general yeah those those deals or are up double digits we had extended -- America we had diamond resorts international. Hilton. The travel leisure kind of consumers space. We have seen a lot of activists here more than the previous years. What about other sectors -- hot and has been -- 2013 you know healthcare and Biotech has been a big driver a lot of the venture backed -- tech names have been coming public this year for the very large number. Energy and power seeing quite a few energy and power transactions. As both the consumer space which you know is is something to look at -- in this company -- there are feeling confident there's investor demand in the and that that bodes well for the consumer retail space as well. Am -- and some concern about 2013 at PO market after the debacle that we had. With FaceBook right what could be exchanges. -- the NASDAQ obviously in the New York Stock Exchange done. That's indifferent that's kind of change the climate and made it welcoming for the so I -- IPOs it's been an amazing this year. Yeah and -- that the listing wars are always a battle is always do kind of as those are the big names who's gonna win. And technology has always been -- of the NASDAQ -- actually reported earlier this year that the New York Stock Exchange is winning. The tech work for the first time on record I'm beating the NASDAQ by a number of tech offerings but you know they're both still promoting their strategy. We saw a lot of PR and it's -- IPO and you know I'm kind of market makers on the floor and waiting for the open and and yeah both both exchanges are still very much sticking to the strategy promoting what they think is. They're best way of bring companies public and they're about even as they're both about have have about 50% of overall listing so far 2013. And wrapping up a great year looking forward to next year has the power -- -- our plan is building we're seeing some strong some strong numbers in the high -- space in the consumer space -- still there. So there's a lot of discussion around the jobs act in some of these companies that are. Able to file -- have more discreet way and then Alison -- come -- the pipeline so we'll remains to be seen but it's looking healthy for 24 teams are looking at thanks so much thank him. I think you match until -- Thomson Reuters I -- your -- this is writers.

Hilton part of best IPO year by dollars since 2000-Toole

Thursday, Dec 12, 2013 - 03:12

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