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Breakingviews: Peugeot first to admit it needs saviours

Thursday, Dec 12, 2013 - 04:00

Dec. 12 - A €1.1bln write down, a shakey alliance with GM and now a €3.3bln lifeline from Chinese carmaker Dongfeng & the French state. Peugeot badly needs help, says Breakingviews.

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Plus there's breaking news person he'd say -- that is not afraid to admit says. At a EU heads bank credits hasn't hopes for the best George has what is breaking news columnist joins via amnesty and let's let's start with Peugeot armed. You know we say the longest of strength to strength. Well that was the some of the could be the TV add them when I was younger I am committed to its struggling right. You bring government up. Oh yeah I thought that I had to do. There's a yes so today Avery said today schoolmate it. They need to cut maturities dragons for this exact and so demise and yet we know what's happened today isn't just. They said you know when things will in Europe as we we need to be doing and they've been written that and was born woman -- -- And in a way that's what we're saying is that's kind of signaling to these. -- don't thing that happens between the states and comic and a unit. There is a role for them to play and connect it -- they they need their money effectively say a -- will be with them applicants that. But that they -- getting -- three and a half billion. From Doan saying I'm from the states ESPN and and the and the outs of the vast is probably. Opening -- that the controlling family does it will be -- isn't it the open with -- -- lesbian shareholder. But yet I mean. Has it been trying to deal with his troubles by it's -- to eventually -- And that's kind of -- a certain extent but they still needs. And help him and that's basically what it. They see today so in a way sort of out of a white flag. Saying we need this yet I call you an animal -- -- -- access arguably that's that there. But little recover and I hope none of that's -- Acts and you'd much rather talk about banks are confident. Follow certain rules. We get ahead in credits as this regime of course now is being dismissed this alien receive bailing in the credit says rather than going to the tax plans. In the event of a meltdown again and that's coming into areas under twenty. I'm not quite important because they're basically today they were. That they cannot be an excellent is back in the summer. Saying. Even the bank gets into trouble. What relevant rules must be getting to taxpayers. To source. You need to kind of Bailey and pay cuts would get a minute what he was he's the creditors. And there was a big question -- then. Basically this this regime of the space coming into 28 team. And the big question was what happens is -- -- it before and the -- it kind of and met people half -- income unit that ADV some -- it still is that since the sixties and more is certainly realistic at all. We exited -- his cross sometimes the 25. Ups and I. But about about this this from from your perspective covering the banks. Covering what's going on as we we we creep towards -- union. Sort sin in Europe this is opposed to that. Civilian in this disease and this is the east European Union employee -- rules will get next week faithfully is what happens. Even under banking unions for the euros and just the seventeenth amendment states that -- have here as a currency. What happens. If a bank gets some bad. Two. Think this is about who says when resolving this -- one of the key things that they who will help them resolve lefties this mutated regime that's been. Coastal -- for the whole you opinions that it is a -- support. For George I think that George Harry. After more -- having is -- -- -- US breaking news show every day 1230 east and 1730 GMC. IMAX to throw for this is --

Breakingviews: Peugeot first to admit it needs saviours

Thursday, Dec 12, 2013 - 04:00

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