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Breakingviews: Is Google building the Terminator?

Monday, Dec 16, 2013 - 02:54

Dec. 16 - Rob Cox and Rob Cyran try to make sense of Google's purchase of robotics firm Boston Dynamics, its eighth in the space this year.

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So he's cool creating the next terminator. The robot that's gonna take over the world. They did the what is this about the -- deal they've done in six months for the bottom robotics firm. We've already got Google glasses now we have these like the -- knows everything about everything. Now -- the company's -- is for profit company in the world right past Boston dynamics and six to do machines for the military they have these they almost like animals they're great the -- made to -- bring things weapons to people are -- sure Russell there's -- that that kind of lecture us that it wouldn't like a giant -- year old that that sort of clients and our little reconnaissance right we've seen that in you know in Afghanistan Iraq we've used more more robots -- I think that this is kind of the next level it's sort of got land -- if you think yeah exactly. And the creepy thing is of course combine these two firms and then the person leading the effort is -- used the -- did al-Qaeda -- -- and everyone wondered you know what's gonna happen to him he kind of got pushed -- team but now he's just doing these interest -- products that's exactly electric -- in real -- yet -- treating children out of Boston dynamics that that the purchase price hasn't been disclosed but it looks like -- companies -- -- 140 million dollars contract from the US government. The department -- mainly. Google doesn't really have much of that up to now now and and they said look we're not to be and I defense contractors -- the existing contracts that they may seem to be they're catching more in the language it is going to be or consumer applications that there -- search giant they have. You know they they could have completely dominated the Internet search business may make all their money out. Advertising. What I'm not I'm not sure I understand where this has -- clock speed that. Basically they wanted to on the amount of indignation being these investors are simply not pushing companies to do not ever and for all investors say OK making lots of money. Don't go it the next business let's just country community the promised. They say as a tech company tech companies all the earnings are from businesses that what was -- in the past and right technology advances that quickly. They think -- assessment -- -- making money and a couple of years that his old self destruct right and there'll be something actually they're saying. Let's just a bunch of stuff Spectra capital base intranet which is they've done been doing for ages but that it's not as -- as tangible as this kind of thing you know it's one thing to think about. Investing or helping. DNA testing kit you know -- Something like -- -- -- a little bit and means they energy they're moving more and more towards Hartford teams they've done for instance the cars and car I mean that's that itself driving and the ideas that's asbestos. Within that kind of take exactly the whole thing is can you -- -- you automate template trucks running themselves trains turn themselves that means pretty obvious it's going to be right we'll Google control business -- Robots. Taken over. Okay will be back of corporate use tomorrow.

Breakingviews: Is Google building the Terminator?

Monday, Dec 16, 2013 - 02:54

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