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Breakingviews: Win-win M&A

Tuesday, Dec 17, 2013 - 02:59

Dec. 17 - Richard Beales and Antony Currie discuss how private equity giant KKR’s $2.6 bln purchase of KKR Financial solves a dilemma for both companies.

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-- emanate trend slightly shockingly -- seems to be that deals should work for everybody concerned. New unknown exception KKR private equity firm is mopping up supreme listed fund has to pick up financial. That's another what seems to be good for -- and -- yeah its financial -- this kind of cut combines what each firm needs. To get thirsty Utica KKR financial it's it's mostly. Fund investing credit for it -- for example. Sealant which you don't radio host of the past two years but I had a tough time in the crisis and its comeback two minutes to people casings at the right time and -- the places us with best do that is when yields of read between blind -- -- people -- -- loads of money of -- he's great with tens in the 20% so it's coming conceit. Buying this -- going to natural resources as well not a -- products. The political fed now thinking about. Cutbacks bond buying program right interest rates -- -- go up -- be volatile as that happens which makes it pretty difficult. For fed might not see me right -- the outsized sense he's -- matrix on just 9% in the three months to September center tonight but it's up on a summit site. It's is still not -- compared -- 96 but it's pretty but but but it over the next 23 is in sickness best thinking house condemning them. So what is kick then what do -- it. What can count it's listed vehicle picked -- has about seven billion next app shelves that it. And it's been thinking about raising -- they can invest more money in Paris print and it's just kept markets do hospitals and of course it -- products it. That's that's that this couple stick simply raise more active -- suggests that sells well. I think that's -- to continue to. But apple that -- in ways that spitz he's prices to two point six billion. All of cash position and needs to put some. But I that he might get funded at the bank account or some kind of found that connect off the best of times the net -- that -- -- -- is pretty low. He's relentless he's grateful 5% in income parents fund depending on how much risk you take they hit back at the KKR actually. Well it doesn't own so to speak and pick -- -- it does actually run myself Thompson's itself so doesn't it fit well yes it's pretty well -- if dissing any ends and it had an active say 111230%. Of an excuse me. I mean you got that's bad news again Edison does this together because -- compare 35% premium. Particular financial say it may think they settled as yet -- -- thing I think this is great -- -- and I'm more than it was voted eleven book value the ethic 3035 supreme cameras and trading -- -- still gets a bunch of -- that's with a return that's -- -- this is essentially a great -- KK to raise capital but he pivots on this money as it is ready. To do something with the campus has raised OK we'll leave that intensity level breaking news to you tomorrow.

Breakingviews: Win-win M&A

Tuesday, Dec 17, 2013 - 02:59

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