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Breakingviews: Sochi 2014 has sub-zero investment appeal

Thursday, Dec 19, 2013 - 04:09

Dec. 19 - The winter games is costing $50 bln, four times the total of London 2012. Breakingviews argues that Russia is merely showing itself as a country with which to avoid doing business.

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On today's breaking views of these links to games looming around the corner. Let's sort of image an investment appeal is Russia projecting through its listing of -- 2014. And drugs some AstraZeneca is buying Bristol-Myers -- stake in their diabetes and -- So -- -- deal makes cents -- back press always has -- -- you can Edison joins me now. PA good to have you on us thought we saw -- a loss at stake here for Russia. Aren't you looking at the most expensive and in big gains -- the security can sensible legacy will nationally. Behind the scenes of the risk for Russia is that instead of showcasing grosses efficiency. Capacity to hold -- time big international events like the Olympics. And even if everything goes according to plan which is from -- from the Russian point of view. Move gay bashing outburst from a Russian officials. Knew terrorists care. No jailing of of political opponents or a position you know demonstrate -- Even if everything goes according to put inspire and the risk is that people would realize that that fifty billion dollars equal or four times what could cost London. To stage the Olympics for example -- we will. It could be days instead believe metaphor or story for. Russian corruption and why. Russia is definitely not place. -- used to do business went. Is changing Washington -- to avoid any of these potential mishaps and office. We know what -- to do team finally. Move towards it true groove at all the non corrupt judiciary. Serious fight against corruption. And political liberalization and uses of and who goes about it's it's clear. Except we know that it is not going to be this government who do it it's not going to be put team. Because he gives every sign of the of the opposite even though we saw this week that the parliament passed through all of that will -- some political prisoners including. The push you right into the rock group members of the tropical that was changed because they yes -- -- church. And -- and that good but coming back with fatigue you gonna have a trove of cool all the media of the world are going to be then once they don't commenting on the Olympics. I've happens everywhere when the Olympics offstage. They'd stop looking around the country and does this stuff seeing as it is. And believe me that's going to see putting himself wondered aloud why it costs fifty billion dollars. To -- it's a team. He should ask probably some of his ministers it has some of these -- as it is because they know where the money went. We know it well didn't go all into infrastructure. Equipment all hooked a good thing that's we know for sure. Grace and a case that I slipped chain that's up -- about pharmaceuticals business and a lot of action in the space. AstraZeneca taking full control of its diabetes. And then she was Bristol-Myers -- Logical deal. But it is logical to go according to a new iMac we threaten the story for us. This is in a way and uplifting Christmas culprits story. Right prices not overpriced both companies are. I'm very happy it's a bit of a reversal of trustee for Bristol-Myers because they going to to bulletin diabetes. I mean come. -- so some things that. And to a strays focusing in and help us try out of it of its own predicament so on the whole it's a good -- -- what's -- says that how can divorce. Well and it honey Christmas present -- AstraZeneca for investors can't hit. Friday that he had -- that voice is breaking views you're looking at it. That's open and the more legend assessing financial inside to -- -- US breaking -- and every day. At Tulsa SE -- seventeenth that he GMT I'm nineteen along the switches.

Breakingviews: Sochi 2014 has sub-zero investment appeal

Thursday, Dec 19, 2013 - 04:09

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