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Musk's to-do list for 2014

Monday, Dec 23, 2013 - 02:06

Elon Musk had a blowout year but the Tesla founder faces hurdles in 2014, says Reuters West Coast Bureau Chief Jonathan Weber.

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You must had a tremendous year in 2013. A lot of people are talking about Islam mosque as the next Steve Jobs and industry innovators. Tests were really -- -- -- legitimate American car manufacturers face tax had a successful. Locked. -- -- And the company that -- -- announcements from our president concerns over the city. Also went public service -- -- -- chest. The challenges for Iran -- in 2014. Are. -- first of all to find a way to deal better with some of the PR problems that that came up with a test fires those things. Actually does look. I think that's a sign of a little bit of it in mature company affairs at the CEO has to be on the front lines and crisis -- I think one thing. Would be -- get his arms around that -- I think that this stop is going to continue to be volatile some momentum socket a lot of true believers it's had tremendous appreciation. All of the value was very much based on long term success are. It's going to go up and down and they're gonna have to cut a deal with. On a more practical level they're going to launch new vehicle next year it's kind of a version of the model pass. But the model ass on the new car are both very much luxury vehicles still are -- pot has kind of that'd be cars and because they're cool. They still are not viewed as being terribly practical necessarily. And Darren and long term the challenge for -- where is to build a mass production car at a much lower price. Backhand serve as a primary vehicle for family. And they're not quite there yet now that's a three year project but there's a lot of development that has to take place in 2014. Very -- must make that happen. It's.

Musk's to-do list for 2014

Monday, Dec 23, 2013 - 02:06

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