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Breakingviews: Benchmarking the buzzwords

Tuesday, Dec 24, 2013 - 04:08

Dec. 24 - From net-net to thought leadership: Breakingviews deep dives the rise and fall of business buzzwords.

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On breaking news today assistant and as a public Cole joins -- office of -- as a -- -- in full leadership yet. Breaking views that the banks mocking the corporate buzz was at 2013. And it's time to deep dive the results -- -- -- she'd get to the number is behind these -- -- Well it's -- fun fun fun breaking views as you Christmas time which on -- button below you'll. Life that -- little bit so what would get them but to die in my colleague Clinton wed it's. -- some really. Proprietary intellectual property. I think tennis -- that they took place actually -- up the number of times. Took three. Sorry about six or actually on the web so other few Malta and how much they cropped up. In press releases and conference schools so what kind of -- and all people. Using irons I think we've got some examples they are held at some of the highlights opened up a can and it you have this trivia highlights. We got the first one that. So net net time it's clearly. Coming out of fashion. Gone up a bit in 2011. That perhaps net net effects of the financial crisis was over what taking themselves let -- sink. That it's not falling from fashion a little bit in in -- this year who knows what that -- that. It'll come back into fashion next next when we got the relentless of the relentless drive. To get it through 2013. Quite clearly that. -- relentless but because we've had all of these -- words and it's a relentless. I mean. Translated -- is using straight win when he's losing yes. I doubt that perhaps because as 2000 of that scene. Has. Gone the route. Has been able to -- to lose than win win on the one. Nix asked me to shut. It's been one of the movie isn't shy kids. Yes through the crisis the end of the crisis has been very important. Today excise police shipman police are popular -- to the breaking -- does extremely well today I as you can see. Will lead you on youthful leadership. Now the next one is interesting disruptive. I guess this is because the financial crisis is well. Though -- disrupted I think it's eight and this is -- really think she went mostly because. It clearly demonstrates that I -- What companies have how to do is become actually much more inventive in the way that that he had. Tackle the challenges it's been no -- It I had enough. To right the market trend. How good idea is disrupted that had to disrupt the state is quite a bit to get somewhere and perhaps have had challenged others who -- disrupting. But I think that what -- I decided. Let's. As the sort of makes of this if you vice principal at school days if not all fun dates. Hopefully it's it'll bring a smile to people's places but there -- deployed -- that. And that is that we'd like to disrupt the notion that you have to use these cotton -- woods. That executives must be sort of indulged themselves and that PR departments in the woods which. But probably gonna have very much meeting in the first place and rapidly lose meaning that -- values. What I would go back and just you know say you some. -- -- of did the Blondie and just use some clear straightforward. Language and I'd like I learned how to Christmas. Yeah exactly -- dates right size the next. Right my thanks Robert called public holed it from breaking -- -- -- -- -- -- back up to Christmas with one game changing paradigm shifts. For now that I'm managing all of this is riches.

Breakingviews: Benchmarking the buzzwords

Tuesday, Dec 24, 2013 - 04:08

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