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Breakingviews: Europe will court shutdown in 2014

Friday, Dec 27, 2013 - 04:07

Dec. 27 - European Parliament elections take place next year and fringe groups are set give mainstream parties a run for their money. But Breakingviews says a U.S.-style shutdown is unlikely.

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So elections to the European Parliament take place next year infringed gruesome -- its right to left to set to give mainstream parties -- -- for them money so how likely is a US style government shut down here in Europe. What is bring these assists and that's a remote code joins me is it likely. Well the US dialed sucked out I think is probably unlikely but it was a possibility that we should be oh look there there be certain -- parallels. That could be neutral display in the picture there actually this is what about the -- and at that we got together and in a book. And I publish as in the book and and but it. With a bit of them rack attack in new yet I think this is -- -- -- -- you got these big elections next its European Parliament. That -- is actually begin with some new powers including the rights to a point. They nixed. The president as I voted by -- of the Lisbon Treaty -- precise yet. I get an excessive. I've been -- it's going to be Boris actually Soledad and you have enough income before reflect an auto budget on -- subject that. I had problems aren't taking ill but it's tough to make a prediction from that annual predictions but I what we're doing here is making a prediction that we think that the European Parliament could -- Could make life very difficult put for itself and to Europe next did so. Shades of the US -- oh locked down but the difference in the sense that I get the impression from the S and actually you know the political parties won't see it a shot down well all you have suddenly. The bit of retirements of that. This this may be more accidental in the -- sweat a whole bunch of people. Our elected to the parliament -- almost doesn't dwell upon that they have because they don't actually believe in the institution. And at the same time that would baffle funded quite difficult. To do -- US style. Shut down because that one actually if I thought about it. How the -- light to exert the power that they have police said that. I think that the the the capacity for some kind of got to slow who all play a little bit loggerheads a -- job it is is is quite large so shades of US. Style. Shutout -- of the -- top secret -- -- -- your taxes on its face it's clear on the rise -- clearly are more skeptics in parliament. As I said the top for fringe groups on the left and right. Radical fringe groups are gonna gamble 15% of our bounds of the -- small Wesley veteran of estimates that we've used from the US -- jewels and Atlanta have come up with but says I. The can be more on the can be mole quite Euro skeptic people who lost in the full mold in it Euro skeptic. Camps so I think. The battery in there he's the capacity full quantity. A difficult year for the -- for -- Europe guess it comes on the back of austerity that is. So and Wallace will be lifting up new going to be viewed in growth not might sort of restored some faith in the European project. I think these the these groups. All -- might like to say the same time seek. None of the great -- -- -- each other they might agree about whether I'd like Europe and at a group -- very much else practically I would Matt Schultz up on the screen as you -- arm the lead is important. Right yeah. Who's going to be the leader the leader of what department well. Our Niedermayer and I think he's I think. I think you'd be a very fund had an excellent I've gone back to my desk now and and if you put put you in a nation full measure people who was you have him on numerous. Yeah I didn't. -- filled. Take some time -- that comes back from the dead metaphorical. You have fast Robert thanks about it. From a call for breaking news for more genocide against -- -- fortunately she what's breaking news show every day at 12:30 eastern 1730 GMT. I'm not so -- this is what's.

Breakingviews: Europe will court shutdown in 2014

Friday, Dec 27, 2013 - 04:07

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