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New Year's Eve twins born a 'year' apart

Thursday, Jan 02, 2014 - 00:52

Dec. 2 - Twin newborns in Texas came into the world a 'year' apart at either side of midnight New Years Eve. Gavino Garay reports.

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TV AND WEB RESTRICTIONS~**~**CBS DIGITAL USE ONLY. NO BROADCAST USE WORLDWIDE. NO ACCESS AUSTRALIA BROADCASTER WEBSITES. NO ACCESS JAPAN. NO ACCESS ABC AMERICA, FOX, UNIVISION, TELEMUNDO, BBC AMERICA, NBC, OR THEIR DIGITAL/MOBILE PLATFORMS. NO ACCESS TEXAS MEDIA MARKET WEBSITES.** Texas mom Veronica Reed rang in the New Year delivering twins -- a 'year' apart. Hannah was born in 2013 at 11:59pm, and her identical twin sister Danielle seconds after midnight in 2014. (SOUNDBITE) MOTHER OF TWINS VERONICA REED SAYING: "I think it will give them their separation that I wanted them to have and I think they will always be very close and that they are going to be just fine." The unique birthday aside, some thought it was a miracle these baby's managed to ring in 2014 with their mom. Doctors said the twins suffered from a rare disorder in which one twin received too much blood while in the womb, and the other not enough. In any case, for these 'New Year's newborns, birthdays are sure to be a special celebration in years ahead.

New Year's Eve twins born a 'year' apart

Thursday, Jan 02, 2014 - 00:52

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