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Basic supplies run short in besieged Falluja

Wednesday, Jan 08, 2014 - 01:19

Jan. 8 - Everyday life is a struggle for residents in Falluja, as Iraq's prime minister urges people to expel al-Qaeda linked militants to avoid an impending military assault. Linda So reports.

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Everyday necessities are running low in Falluja. Shops are closed and people are having to wait in long lines to fill up on gas. SOUNDBITE: (Arabic) UNIDENTIFIED FALLUJA RESIDENT, SAYING: "There's no gas available in Falluja, government services aren't provided, there's no oil, no gas, no petrol. These terrible conditions are what is affecting the people of Falluja." The shortages come as Iraqi security forces have clashed with al Qaeda-linked militants in recent weeks. The turmoil has prompted Iraq's prime minister to prepare for a major military assault against Sunni Islamist militants in Falluja. SOUNDBITE: (Arabic) IRAQI PRIME MINISTER, NURI AL-MALIKI, SAYING: "I call upon the people of Falluja and the tribal leaders to unite and reject the presence of those evil people, because Falluja has witnessed fighting and destruction many times before. We do not want this city to suffer at all. We will not use force as long as the tribes are ready to fight al-Qaeda and expel them." al Qaeda-linked militants overran police stations in Falluja last week. The violence has forced families to flee the besieged city, seeking refuge in neighboring towns.

Basic supplies run short in besieged Falluja

Wednesday, Jan 08, 2014 - 01:19

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