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CES: T-Mobile's Legere riffs on rivals' "bullsh*t"

Thursday, Jan 09, 2014 - 02:33

T-Mobile CEO John Legere takes salty shots at Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T while announcing 4.4 million net new customers for 2013 in a speech at CES. Note: graphic language.

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This industry blows me it's just broke it. It needs change but in order to talk about the now let me just do 12. On each of my friendly competitors if you don't mind. The -- -- Verizon. I want to give them huge credit for standing up and saying our network is loaded the speeds are too slow we're gonna do something about. However in this industry. Wind is a problem in your network is slow you should be able lowly exit I'll be back when things are better the case -- I'm I'll make this quick. Sprint is a pile of spectrum. Waiting to be turned into a capability. Right now they're network it's completely harmony high medium and low and they keep talking about parking our dogs while we re decorate. Customers should be able to lean in when it turns out to be whatever they're gonna have -- -- up Scotty and go back. AT&T. AT&T -- a total source of amusement for me because they -- the one that takes my (%expletive) Dumb move they take the day. In what you gonna seed then is you know these are fat cats they can't move. I was -- -- get a day after they announced their plan to kind of win the customers back that we took from them to not play in the second. Why don't have the balls to answer the question hey is this targeted at T-Mobile because they're taking a -- -- you. Go I would like to. Give our customers a chance to experience our network and -- eighty callers waiting. Come on (%expletive) so don't take my word for what I'm gonna do today. It's not going to announce our cue for when -- results. So you remember cute too. Q3. T-Mobile added more phone customers. And what everybody else combined. In remember the question which says what are you guys gonna do in a fight back. Here's the answer one point 645. Million ads in Q4. At one point 645 million. No it's not even the million that we did in Q2 and Q3 it's 60% higher so how many net adds for T-Mobile. In 2013. Four point four million. That's a turnaround in one year. Four point four million customers coming to T-Mobile. That has made -- the fastest growing wireless company in the US.

CES: T-Mobile's Legere riffs on rivals' "bullsh*t"

Thursday, Jan 09, 2014 - 02:33

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