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Detroit Car Show 2014: Luxury is back en vogue -BMW

Monday, Jan 13, 2014 - 02:26

Jan 13 - The head of BMW's product management Carson Pries says that the new M3, and an increasing demand for luxury cars will help propel BMW back to the top of the U.S. market.

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Let's say that BMW is showing off I'm here at Carson pre set of BMW product management. Quite a few new cars including one right behind you. What is -- -- -- -- -- BMW back to the number one spot in the US that there's something like to do this year. Collapse Newton is that I copy and brilliant that you unfold very important for the UW runs until the we definitely do that -- bring -- Are you expecting for sales in terms of numbers next year. When we had a very good idea last year. I was definitely want to be better than you. But you feel overall confident about the luxury market that this isn't just stay you know one year of great sales for everyone that luxury it's. Is back and growing through this year. I think we've seen steady growth. And obviously the high performance that -- from BM WM although. It is very much supply driven to an open new markets come into the market enormity of this thing -- cycle up and we expect the same podium reasonable. Feeling about your day -- -- -- that he's staked. I think it's the recovery step by is that. Some of the same time and it's like the US market for somebody ahead of the Asian markets that over the recent years but we have seen at the recovery. You have some unusual cars including the I three. And that IE eight tell little bit about BMWs. Commitments made to that perhaps the cards. But. UW has always been in the I admit to driving. Finish. Driving machine as you know. But that 46 of -- what you tell us. Also like for the BMW light moments that you just mentioned to me -- we combined. Innovation with the dynamics and those same approach. Our electric cars and hybrid cars and some of these types of technologies. As important going forward it seems with. Energy prices a little bit lower that it's not as much top of mind the consumer. Yeah a -- see different conditions different frame love love -- And this is so what we want to cut. Because come from the BMW -- -- performance model of the way through the BMW automotive which is strong focus on the capability and sustainability. Carson -- thanks so much. I'm Rhonda schaffler. This is riders.

Detroit Car Show 2014: Luxury is back en vogue -BMW

Monday, Jan 13, 2014 - 02:26

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