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Breakingviews: German investment drought imperils growth

Tuesday, Jan 14, 2014 - 04:42

Jan. 14 - Angela Merkel has vowed to end Germany's long-standing freeze in public and private investment. But symbolic actions are not enough to reverse two decades of negligence, says Breakingviews.

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-- breaking news the bad droughts all the investment shock horror in Germany imperil its growth prospects. And why shortz our member who's one cure sick bank conscious. Says breaking news tip get a song as Reuters reviews you're Panetta sort of has to survive a resource that's all the German story this is. This has been bubbling for for years now but -- -- -- -- overlap optional back who who wrote this piece has clearly got an axe to grind because. This very long beasts. By breaking news stand its long and interesting and fascinating but lifts off the list of bridges and right moods and exception that we are in need of her parents. -- -- locals -- -- more serious purpose behind the story which is too long not Europe's most vibrant economy. How does a big may mean big huge problem that that good stuff up investment. Both public and private by the way which is in the compromises long term growth and definitely it's you -- -- -- economic potential. And or not is simply saying the government added that it until America was the first chancellor who at least. Admits that is a problem and who you're crunching -- he's bound to increase what public -- but the point it is the country has topped the money. To rectify this one they don't do what do what they're spending and instead. Incomes too conservative. Take the money. Old habits die hard US territory obsession. You have the news many problems that kind of explained the situation. An aging country. Doesn't invest because it doesn't feel the need to really. And defiance to anything that is a public spending. When everything Booth that's a and we really crying need for major. Public investment in Germany. Second knows that movement when you took ten -- you that the one point 8%. That and and this is by the way remark you can extend to to rest of Europe. Spain France. Italy the Netherlands or those countries do we need public investment. Future generations will be right to ask. Why didn't you borrow when money was at 2% it was ten years why did you play you to borrow. Around that time and this is an argument that's being made by economist who robbed you is not just Germany in Germany October of that. That private investment has been declining for years and when enough is make him the very basic is simple point if -- serious point that. We may think of Germany now eyes Europe's strongest economy. What is gonna look like in five or ten years from now is another matter -- did okay. -- You brought up his -- on the breaking news website that he's gonna talk about us a short talisman from the banks in this space on a Credit Suisse member that was sent touts but that that the global head of investment banking. Saying that junior ranking shouldn't be working on -- days unless they're working on -- deal now that it would have us has written about at some point. It does make you the sensible point that it's I mean we -- like I want a big big banks to become. Kind of change there and showed that they really care about -- employees. And friends. And it's nice -- especially in terms of the young bankers we we've seen how. Tragic cases where in my head explodes -- But. On the other hand this is an industry that has never acknowledged that. That's something such as good and bad. Right and wrong. There are some things that in. In terms of what we've seen hybrid market foreign exchange. We it it would be good for once -- to have the industry the knowledge that. Those lug nuts in -- Isolated mistakes. Quote and quote on that attitude maybe change the culture it's difficult and sending men. -- -- The product is articles on the news or another borderline I I government -- And it institutions these institutions are not normal companies attentive to get that employees are supposed to serve clients to. Accept. Yet many fronts about to get counsel. If you wanna watch the US breaking you share that comes on every day told studies and 1730 GMT -- Mexico which is what is.

Breakingviews: German investment drought imperils growth

Tuesday, Jan 14, 2014 - 04:42

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