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Detroit Car Show 2014: Consumers, not automakers, will be the winners of 2014

Tuesday, Jan 14, 2014 - 04:01

Jan 14 - Kelley Blue Book's top auto analyst says expect more incentives and discounts for car consumers in 2014, noting that most automakers may have overshot in their sales forecasts.

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There are so many cars here in Detroit which ultimately don't resonate with the consumer lets us Jack -- -- Yes -- Kelley blue book thanks it's great I think again it's exciting it. So so winning do you think this game who's really got the. Bottles lined up that are out there as many as soon as there's somebody choices. But -- you know we see the domestic companies coming back. You know a lot of rates you know actually had a double -- Our record here. You know word is really caught the imagination of so many people with the -- -- 150. And you know there's a bunch of great import vehicles here just across the board. If you -- really the pop up I think I think the winner there will we see -- instant like I think we will I think we're gonna see warrants that the market is heating up but it. We're not gonna see the rise in the market this year when he fourteen at least not when their team that means it's going to be more pressure on manufacturers. And a guy. Operatives. I mean manufacturers are always optimistic maybe sometimes you. Witness it. Sales hit it at sixteen billion mark we're not gonna do it -- on fourteen. -- at 56. -- life like -- a good chance that sales will be sixteen million but they'll be maybe just sixty. I'm not going to be higher you know there -- things that he never now right and there it could be a little fuel soccer teams. A lot of and change things and knock it down in several house. It's personal -- about it best is that as an industry gotten. Other people. I think it's gotten better and I think you know paying attention that it makes a lot of sense that. There's some conventional wisdom. There that really you know follows the conventional wisdom Toyota Lexus -- those who still value brands ran winners or last year. And for this model. So. Now that -- hold you want. The biggest challenge for the auto industry right now. Biggest challenge is the potential of over production. There's still a lot of production capacity out there chasing too few buyers. You have some market that are way way down and not necessarily on the way up in the style but you know it -- global industry would like to see. Is it a bit of Watson's kindness and in -- was -- you can suck up a lot of volume by extending it to China so. Just the fact that there's so much production capacity so hotly competitive the big challenge to all -- it. And it's some trends that issue we know thanks loads -- sales very strong and funny her team did that continues this year what are some of the big broad trends that you're seeing all the sales we're seeing a lot of a lot of pro for a luxury luxury is gonna continue to be strong. Markets getting a bit more of what we wish it you know it was you know getting work load quicker and we're adding work jobs -- I I think people were feeling comfortable quiet luxury car accidents are not like they can't afford them in down times but they don't feel like -- -- that I. And then we're gonna see more and more affordable for. -- That's going to be. You know things like the hunt it for example they gonna do a lot of -- and are sourced out of Mexico are going to be -- -- The biggest surprise you seen here's. Well I think the biggest surprise Paula we Agassi anticipated with the fact they would be aluminum construction for the court appointed in the big gamble in a lot of ways it's an interesting gamble. And it could well pay off but it certainly is again although port is almost down playing. Well I don't know that they want us to spend a lot of time talking about it. Because I don't think they want any controversy. There they don't want people to question that it's a good idea. And it could well be a great idea but it you know -- still is something very different. So they have something that's very innovative but -- yet they don't want to talk too much about it is. -- you bet it's -- -- made detective next time I'm Rhonda schaffler this writers.

Detroit Car Show 2014: Consumers, not automakers, will be the winners of 2014

Tuesday, Jan 14, 2014 - 04:01

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