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Breakingviews: Ford's F-150 the embodiment of U.S. auto market

Tuesday, Jan 14, 2014 - 03:02

Jan 14 - Reuters' Rhonda Schaffler asks Breakingviews Associate Editor why Ford's F-150 is the hottest selling truck in the United States.

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Breaking news goes on the ground up with my colleague Anthony Perry we're happy. North American International Auto Show in Detroit. This was the big deal right the Ford F 150 what's so important about this. Well this signifies everything needs about the US auto industry this is the hottest selling vehicle for the past that he has afford much in the industry and this is the -- -- -- the Big Three do it in America make couple of so much of that money is the last month genetically produced. This -- they come up with here is this now has. Rob and steal it but not want -- -- -- and limit him as saying now -- 700 pounds less. In the previous estimate at 150 and the reason that's good is if you're thinking about what happens it will prices go up in the future in my gas prices spike. Well this thing weighs a lot -- see this you gonna spend less money -- down I think now what I suggested right it is something different sort of leave it -- it. I would be what does this tell us as well about innovation. Is that we are with innovations changing material stores and more than -- extent. Yeah I think you forty goats has -- for example making I mean you come site is not -- I think Ford and others have a playground and of course was molested. It's -- usual BS this is a pretty big difference every month difference well -- -- take that much out of it. How much weight out of -- might they -- I think it's also the beginning of but the next wave of innovation. Most of -- -- I think is -- gonna be about technology. Within the costs of what you and ivory keys but there is to be connected through our phones or whether it's achieved -- -- even have a system driving in the future I think. Well wait for that I'm happy to have somebody drive like -- -- and doing that would not to get what I'm doing it to be like to Johnson but I think. That's what you gonna get a lot of a lot of the differentiation between comics if you look around me got a lot of great to incontinence and someone is saying today. That the what you see here is some real good product first on a -- but to put a bit. But there isn't any good as it used to be if he is -- or -- -- is wasn't quite in the road next year's site innovation if you look at it and similar. So what goes inside is going to be the big thing. What does this mean for the fight for market here is they're really in this fight to the death somebody's thought of some of -- -- -- you know even increase half a percentage that they. Yeah that's not -- even more difficult if you could last months gains and losses. Honda. And so it took. A tenth -- percent full was up 10%. -- like had a bit of an issue with his friends sales -- that a little bit and you CEO of the -- now -- it's. It's really really time if you look at military rule within three percentage points difference between the top ten. He's got a lot wolf compositional more designed to see. Which one of them come up until GM for itself as the biggest automaker in the country and yet it's an eagle seventeen point months and months which is stuck -- -- -- years. All right breaking news Anthony Perry good to talk to you as a I'm Rhonda -- this is writers.

Breakingviews: Ford's F-150 the embodiment of U.S. auto market

Tuesday, Jan 14, 2014 - 03:02

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